A Look At Theatrical Nashville Pop Singer Emily Deahl & Her Macabre New Music Video ‘Bloody Love Song’

Twisted, dark fantasy has a new face in the pop music world, and Emily Deahl has no problem dancing into the center spotlight- in fact she probably created the choreography herself.

Deahl’s artistic expression expands well beyond a hit song, as her credits include director, choreographer, editor, creative director, and even a children’s book author. It’s clear that she isn’t planning on being your average sugar-coated pop star. She’s paving a lane all on her own, having fun and shaking things up while doing it. 

Growing up in the conservative state of South Carolina, Deahl quickly turned to art as a means of expression and communication. Drawing inspiration from musical theater and performers like Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga, and Jack White, she gravitated towards the artists that had something to say, and in the most lawless way possible.

Moving to LA at 16 to pursue a career in dancing, she quickly followed suite from those that inspired her and began to train under Bob Garrett, who has worked with Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgins, and Elle Fanning to name a few, and before she knew it, she was on a year-long solo tour in China. 

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Now, this Nashville newcomer is taking everything she’s learned and is creating an artist experience you never knew you needed. She writes delicate love songs, breakup anthems that inspire you to be “that” crazy ex, and cheeky comeback songs like her latest singles “My Baby Hates Me”  and “Ohs” – each one taking on a persona of itself yet, cohesive under the immersive theatrical experience that is Emily Deahl. The good, the bad, the ugly. She knows it. She writes about it. Then she’ll direct a bad ass music video about it. 

In her new music video and single, “Bloody Love Song,” Deahl pokes fun at her dating patterns (and quite possibly everyone’s for that matter) in an edgy, pop hit you can’t help but sing along to. As she describes the feeling of your crush looking at your Instagram story, or how you romanticize the darkness and heartbreak of it all only to catapult yourself right back into it again. You know that Deahl is speaking to both the sincerity and hilarity of it all, and why we continuously come back for more, regardless of what it makes you do. Her lyrics and video, which is structured like a short film, highlight the ways we sacrifice ourselves for love. In this case, it just so happens to be her limbs she’s sacrificing… but in a cute, Tarantino kind of way… you know? 

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