A Look At Soulful Country Songwriter Mike Thomas & His Latest Single ‘Die Tryin’

Following the release of his 2020 LP Three Reasons, country/Americana singer-songwriter Mike Thomas has dropped his sensual new single, “Die Tryin’.”

The song immediately entices with a toe-tapping twang, which soon gives way to Thomas’ smooth yet commanding vocals. Gradually, a melodic chorus which boasts heartfelt, romantic lyrics builds. As Thomas repeats the maxim, “You’re the guiding light / That keeps me pointed North,” his passion becomes a visceral experience.

Thomas’ discography also includes the slow and soulful ballad, “It Ain’t Him,” another track that caught our ear.

A song heavy with regret, the songwriters’ musical ingenuity shines through as he pulls the reader through the story of his heartbreak. The weight of his burden is poured into a mournful electric guitar solo, his soft but raspy vocals are imbued with emotion. Once more, Thomas enables the listener to enter his mindspace and feel what he feels in the most beautiful way.

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Raised in East Tennessee’s rich and cultured music scene, Thomas began writing and performing his own music fairly young. After finding success at many well-known clubs, he moved to Nashville in 2004 to pursue a career in songwriting. But that scene wasn’t yet ready for Thomas’ style of music, which has been described as “eclectic country with a vintage vibe,” thus compelling him to take a 10-year hiatus from performing.

In 2017, he exploded back onto the stage at the behest of his long-time friend, Donald T. Bright, who is now a member of Thomas’ seven-person band, The MT Band. The septet has since been touring legendary Tennessee venues, treating audiences to a mixed set featuring country, blues and rock. This year, despite only releasing one new single, he amassed 82.3K Spotify streams from 32.1K listeners across 112 countries.

It seems Thomas’ recognition is only going to grow from here, and there’s no doubt his new single “Die Tryin’” will strike any and all listeners with its profound emotion. Keep an eye out for more from Thomas in 2022.

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