Acclaimed Swedish Singer-Songwriter Andreas Moe Releases Heartfelt New Album ‘All Our Worries Are Poems’

Swedish singer-songwriter Andreas Moe first emerged as a solo artist in 2011.

He’s since released a consistent supply of music, with numerous EPs exploring his unique and ever-expanding pop-kissed electric-folk sound. 

Moe first gained notoriety thanks to his vocal contributions on the late Swedish artist Avicii’s 2011 single, “Fade Into Darkness” and has recently released an acoustic cover of the song to celebrate its ten year anniversary.

On his latest self-made album, All Our Worries Are Poems, which dropped November 5th, Moe pushes his production and recording skills to a new level while drifting between intimate personal reflection and age-old themes like love and loss. Moe’s sonically soothing vocals are complemented by bright harmonies and a constant acoustic instrumentation throughout the album.

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Moe’s album kicks off with the song, “Fire and Stone,” where he immediately gets a chance to explore the full range of his vocals. Feeling like an old folk ballad with its syncopation and string elements, this song addresses a slew of emotions over the sounds of an acoustic guitar.

Upbeat single, “Hey Lulu,” features a very folk-inspired percussion sound that supports Moe’s heavenly vocals. Focusing on making the most of a relationship, this song is overwhelmingly happy, and feels like it should be listened to on a beach at sunset. The positive resonance of this track makes it hard to not enjoy.

“Holding On” is another single on this album, powered by similar instrumentation to the rest of this album. This song has a pop feel throughout, culminating in a vibrant harmonization that informs the listener to stay positive and hold on, even in the face of disappointment and struggle.

Moe showcases his playful and sophisticated lyricism on the single, “You to Me,” backing it with an ethereal harmonization. Moe’s voice dances over the beat with a calming but melancholy tone while the simple but folksy drumming accentuates the rest of the song. 

The final song of the album, “The Summer’s Not Over” is an ode of love. Moe professes, “You make it feel / That even though the nights are getting colder / The summer’s not over.” This joyful and touching tune is carried almost entirely by Moe’s voice and an acoustic guitar, with some keys underlaid towards the end of the song. 

Andreas Moe has shown sonic evolution with each project that he has released over the course of his career. All Our Worries Are Poems is an exciting and impressive new chapter in the songwriter’s career, and the future looks bright for this Swedish songsmith.

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