A Look At Indie Folk Songwriter Lauryn Peacock & Her New 16-Track Album ‘I KNOW A PLACE’

If you’re on the hunt for a tasteful new folk album to spin this New Year, Nashville-based songwriter Lauryn Peacock has you covered.

This past December, the indie-folk artist released her beautifully emotional fourth album, I KNOW A PLACE, and it does not disappoint.

Peacock created this album during quarantine, along with her third album, Theology, which dropped in early March, along with a two-single release titled Quarantine Love. When it comes to this latest release, it has everything you could want in an intimate folk album: from acoustic piano ballads, to upbeat, drum-driven folk rock songs. You can definitely tell that Peacock takes influence from artists like Sara Bareillis and Carole King, but she is able to create a style all her own.

Peacock shows her skilled piano chops in songs like “Breathless,” and the first single from the album, “Anything Once”. I get some very serious Phoebe Bridgers vibes from this track, from the acoustic guitar playing, to Peacock’s light and gentle vocals, to the building of the instrumentation throughout the powerful song. The song helps to tell a story of committing to a new love.

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Love is just one of the topics Peacock wanted to cover with her new album. According to her website, “I KNOW A PLACE, is a story-driven album that highlights different perspectives on social issues, love, community, hope, and self worth. [She] tells meaningful stories about identity and love that disrupt our rehearsed scripts”.

Songs like “Can You Take Me”, “The World Is Us”, and “Only Way He Knew How” are some of the more up-tempo, percussion heavy songs from the album. These tracks show the diversity of Peacock’s sound and her well-honed songwriting ability. “Only Way He Knew How” deals with the topic of female self-empowerment after a relationship. She is able to harness all of the feelings of self-love and growth into the tune, making it the perfect post-breakup anthem for any girl in need of a reminder of just how powerful they really are.

Peacock had her album release show at The East Room in Nashville last month, and we can only hope the near future allows her to take her new songs on the road. I KNOW A PLACE is available to stream most everywhere.

Photo by Monica Murray

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