Wild Earp Delivers Traditional Country Charm In New Video Single ‘That Old Moth-Eaten Suit’

In classic fashion paying homage to the greats before him, crooning country songwriter Wild Earp has his listeners swinging and swaying with his newest nostalgic video single, “That Old Moth-Eaten Suit.” 

The song is a foot-tapping traditional-style ballad about an old suit the songsmith keeps wearing despite the wear and tear over the years, and how it represents the similar damage that’s been done to his heart. “And in the left breast pocket / There is a flask / And its contents / Has two specific tasks / To make her memory go away / And give me some words to say,” he sings with a little vocal flutter.

This ode to the nostalgic era of classic country music is perfectly represented by the artist’s authenticity, dedication to the genre, and the accompanying video’s styling.

The music video features the countryman in traditional western wear crooning his tune with just his guitar and supporting musicians dressed for the occasion, keeping it simple and effective as if it were 1962. Displayed like a mock late night or variety show with an introductory host, the video is shot in a similar style to old-timey honky tonk band performances and gives off a true blue country vibin’ feel. 

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Wild Earp has distinguished his sound by his pensive lyricism about his years on the trails, in the woods, and in the bars all with a traditional country flair that pairs so perfectly with his character. His lyrics thread traditional tales of heartache, sinful living, and celebration seamlessly with social commentary and absurdism. There’s wit, wisdom, woe, and a wild streak that keeps your ears perked.

He is often backed by his band The Free for Alls, a spirited and talented group of musicians who give further depth and enthusiasm to the honky tonk performances.

The Americana troubadour has had quite a busy couple of years, with three full-length albums preceding the new single, including a witty Christmas album that couples his humorous wisdom with rocking melodies that ring with holiday spirit. God only knows what’s next for Wild Earp and his Free for Alls, but we’re here for it.

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