Washington Psych-Rock Veterans Strangely Alright Release New Interstellar Single ‘Alien Lover’

Strangely Alright is a band that proudly calls themselves “sonic time-travelers”. However, in their latest single, “Alien Lover”, they’ve proven themselves sonic astronauts as well. 

The eclectic band started their journey to outer space in Tacoma, Washington, and have established a loyal following in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The group has found significant success within the area, as they were featured on the Sub Pop’s Best of The Northwest playlist on Spotify and as guests on various local radio stations. 

The stellar unit that is Strangely Alright features frontman Regan Lane on vocals, Sean Van Dommelen on guitar, Ken Schaff on bass, Raymond Hayden on keys, and Jason Bair on drums. Several members of the group have been candid with their struggles with addiction in the past, and the band was formed to promote kindness and love through their craft, and act as support for those struggling with the same.

The new galactic love song, “Alien Lover,” takes the audience out of this world and on a trip full of lush synths, trippy guitar riffs, and expansive production. The group’s inspiration sources of Pink Floyd and The Beatles are especially evident in the song, with a female vocalist at about 5:51 reminiscent of the vocal riffs on The Dark Side of the Moon’s “The Great Gig In The Sky”. 

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The lyrics start as an interstellar love story about an alien lover from outer space, and it transitions to a philosophical anecdote about the individual impacts each of us make during the bridge: 

Who we are/What we do/ Who we are/It always shows.” 

Overall, the heavy duty eight-minute song is a journey through the stars, carefully weaving through instrumental, vocal, and lyrical constellations until finally coming back to earth by repeating the chorus a final time: 

“Alien Lover/We can change/Alien Lover/I don’t know where to go”. 

The lyrics show that “Alien Lover” is more than a cosmic Romeo and Juliet —  it’s about being a part of something bigger, and contributing to the greater good. It’s a beautiful revelation for an interstellar song — and as always, we can’t wait to see what Strangely Alright comes up with next.

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