Vancouver Indie Alt-Rockers Leisure Club Channel Talking Heads With Unique New Track ‘I Want To Go Back’

In 2016, a curious event occurred in Vancouver, Canada: the five members of indie rock group Leisure Club came together and began creating music that would fit perfectly on the soundtrack to a lazy river. 

Between 2016 and 2017, the act released a few singles, finding the most success with the laid back verses and groovy choruses of “22,” all leading up to their self-titled debut album in 2017. The 10-track project showcased rich vocals, powerful drum grooves, and fun guitar licks, and it captured a fanbase that was left wanting more from this unique new band. 

Following the album’s release, Leisure Club hit the road and went on tour both opening for Toronto artist Weaves, as well as headlining around British Columbia and Alberta. The band has since delivered multiple singles that provide a sound that’s both familiar yet also evolved and refined, such as the gritty track “Dirt,” and the more toned-down and lush, “I Want You in the Dark.” However, the act has shared their interest in introducing new sounds and textures to their audience, and with their most recent release “I Want to Go Back,” they successfully accomplish that introduction. 

The frantic and energetic instrumental comes together with the manic vocals to create a sound similar to dare I say a modern Talking Heads. The track was created completely remote and separately due to the pandemic, which is reflected in the unique nature of each part: every instrument is doing its own thing. The listener would never be able to tell that this was the method of creation, though, for every component molds into a cohesive and clean recording. 

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The loose structure, with each section flowing right into the next, makes it an infectious song that’s built for repeated listening. One may think each repetition would diminish the shine of the song; however, each listen highlights something new and the listener finds themselves constantly recognizing different elements. The driving synth and heavy-yet-articulate drum beat accompanied by the spacey guitar and lead lines build an addictive sonic funhouse.

One of the staples of Leisure Club is their live shows, which are known to create a fun, energetic atmosphere like a spring break beach hang. Once everything is safe and venues start to open up in Canada, Leisure Club will undoubtedly be ready to jump back on stage and unleash their pent up musical energy for their awaiting fans.

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