Traditional Country Songstress Kimberly Morgan York Delivers On Debut Album ‘Found Yourself A Lady’

If you find yourself on the prowl for that traditional country sound from modern artists, look no further than Kimberly Morgan York.

The Kentucky born and bred songstress released her debut album, Found Yourself a Lady, this past Friday, January 28th. The record finally came to fruition sixteen years after it was originally written and recorded. A menu of life events and world problems thrown towards York is what ultimately led to such a delayed release, but time hasn’t changed the quality and charm of her classic traditional country sound. And finally, after all that time, she can bask in the fulfillment of sharing her gift and hard work to the world.

And much like the true country heads may deem her, it was her single, “Real Thing,” that caught our ear.

“Real Thing”, is a fabulous, easy-listening contemporary song with York’s sweet vocals singing about good love. “Fancy cars and diamond rings / Don’t mean what they used to mean / Life without love is hard you see / But baby don’t you worry / We’ve got the real thing.” Cue the twangy steel guitar. It’s evident in the first listen that York’s influences stem from iconic country songstresses like Tammy Wynette, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn, and so on.

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Found Yourself a Lady– which features The Everlovin’ Band backing her – was engineered by David Barbe, who has worked with the likes of Sugar and Mercyland. Along with her work with Barbe, York has also been closely associated with The Drive By Truckers, as she was married to their drummer, Brad Morgan, who is featured on the album as well.

“My life has been a conveyor belt of constant change,” says York. “New cities, new careers, new families… but the one constant in my life is, and has always been, music. When anyone asks me how I would define myself, whether artistically or individually, I point to three constants. I’m a woman, I’m a mother, and I’m a musician.”

In listening to York’s new album, what with her soft lilting voice coupled with a perfect serving of country twang, it’s clear York was made to create traditional sounding music in the modern world.

With the release of Found Yourself a Lady, York has finally set in motion the trajectory she’s been working towards for so long. Keep on Going, a follow-up album from York, is expected later this year.

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