Pop Songwriter Lucy Morgan Touches On Relationship Abuse With New Video Single ‘Upper Hand’

With a background in theater and drama, Canadian singer-songwriter Lucy Morgan brings heartfelt emotion to her lo-fi pop style, and explores suffocating relationship issues in her new single, “Upper Hand.”

Fresh to the scene having released one single prior, “I Really Loved You”, Morgan is discovering her full and resonant sound by fusing natural and electric sounds along with her rich vocals and poignant songwriting. 

Morgan’s moving perspective on abuse in her new single, “Upper Hand,” features a resonating pop rhythm, and her crystalline voice emphasizes the heartache of a vastly unhealthy relationship.

Opening with the feeling of imprisonment, Morgan uses metaphors like, “It’s like I’m coming up for air / But at the top there’s nothing there / It’s like you’re holding me captive / With nothing but the waters,” depicting the survivor’s struggle. The chorus rings strong with the bitter words, “I know I said it first / But you’re holding the cards / You just like the upper hand / Even if it hurts.”

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The dramatic music video depicts chilling scenes of the songwriter seemingly lost in the woods at night, after appearing to free herself from ropes securing her to a tree. The song starts as a slower burn with the vocals shining forth, but around a minute in, the R&B-type groove kicks in, bringing a new energy in. At this point in the video, she is seemingly free, waving to passing cars, but the cycle of toxic control continues, leaving her trapped.

Morgan’s sharp vocal runs over the ominous melody, enhancing the apprehensive atmosphere in the lyrics, and haunting the listener with all too real vocals.

Lucy Morgan may be just getting started with putting out her music, but the future looks bright for this Canadian songstress.

Note* Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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