Top 10 Best Shirts & Outfits From DelFest 2022

Music festivals allow for a sense of true freedom.

Freedom to roam, freedom to relax, and freedom to dress however the hell you please. This – of course – is encouraged. Having attended our first ever DelFest in Cumberland, Maryland, we had the opportunity to locate some killer gear out in the wild. It was like a treasure hunt.

Below are the victors of the fashion game that we encountered roaming the Allegany County Fairgrounds this Memorial Day Weekend for DelFest. So sit down, brace yourself, and see if you agree.

10. Charlie

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A classic, casual, IPA-lovin’ festival goer. No frills, nothing wild, just a wonderful green shirt. ‘Today’s Forecast 100% Chance Of Banjo Playing’- just spot on and guaranteed to get a smile, rest assured.

9. Dave

Okay now we’re getting a little funkier. Dave was actually our very first subject. The purple tie-dye with Beavis & Butthead donning Steal Your Face Grateful Dead skulls on their shirts is like some kind of inception situation. You love to see it. We loved to see it.

8. Jared

This one might have been a little personal. Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Brothers (to an extent) are so damn underrated it’s criminal. And you/I never see Flying Burrito Brothers shirts out there. We had a wonderful talk about music history and the band’s influence. Give “Hot Burrito #1” a listen and tell me it doesn’t give you goosebumps.

7. Name Escaped (Somehow)

Again maybe a little personal. The figure with the long pistol in the photo of this man’s shirt is partially if not largely responsible for this website. I didn’t get to chat too in-depth with this gentleman. Dasani was greatly needed at this hour, however.

6. Name Not Asked Due To Loud Music

Well, this is for obvious reasons considering it’s DelFest. A true beauty out in the wild during Molly Tuttle on Sunday.

5. Squid/Fish Man

Well, is he a squid or a fish? Neither? It’s a dweller of the sea, this much is clear. Either way, he was ready for action Sunday morning.

4. Kooky Couple

I mean this is a double dose of fun right here. A real 2-for-1-special. Gotta love it.

3. Vee

I mean c’mon. About as epic as it gets. Chatting with Vee was a no-brainer.

2. Himko

Again, this is DelFest. If there were no Del, there would be no Fest. And this unique group of festival goers would not be having the time of their lives here. Himko snags the runner-up spot with his psychedelic Del shirt.

  1. Chicken Man

The belle of the ball. The fairest of them all. Chicken Man reigns supreme. How could he not? Both Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon and Del McCoury called him out during their sets. The man is a bluegrass festival celebrity. He also has an entire philanthropic campaign and maybe won the McDonald’s Monopoly game. He takes the cake. He is a poultry legend. Chicken Man indeed has the best outfit of DelFest 2022.

Runner Ups:

Joe Craven

Craven crushed the emceeing throughout the festival on the Grandstand Stage. This actually might’ve been one of the more modest fashion choices for this emcee/artist who also performed. “I want a band that looks like this for Christmas,” he said when introducing Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway.

Buffalo Bills Fan

Again selfish on my part. As a Certified Gold member of Bills Mafia, this man made the cut. He was loving life and so was I. Go Bills.

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