Tinder Love Story: Married Indie Folk & Americana Duo Of Sea And Stone Release New Single ‘We All Say Forever’

From Tinder date to touring band, Luke Dierker and Morgan Manson embarked on a unique and exciting journey to form their folk-Americana duo Of Sea and Stone.

After meeting in 2014, Dierker and Manson found an unexpected musical spark between them that they knew they had to take further. Just three years after their first rendezvous and one year after tying the knot, Of Sea and Stone released their debut self-titled album.

Both on stage and in the studio, Dierker and Manson find vocal power within their harmonies, two intertwining lines that fit seamlessly together to tell intimate stories. Of Sea and Stone emphasizes that their live performances are what bring the stories they tell in their songs to life, and they have performed at the Blueberry Hill Duck Room in St. Louis, The Mint in Los Angeles, 12 Today News in Phoenix, and Good Morning San Diego to name a few. After four years of touring Of Sea and Stone (2017), along with other sporadic singles such as, “I Love You, Goodbye” (2019), the duo has used 2021 to release several new captivating tunes, their newest being “We All Say Forever.”

The opening guitar part for “We All Say Forever” is delicate with subtle nuances in the dynamics of the picking. And as the duo dives into the first verse, Dierker and Manson find a comfortable balance between their two voices. While the first minute and a half of “We All Say Forever” is soft and gentle, when the rest of the band enters, the entire mood of the song changes to an upbeat and forward-moving track. At the same time, however, Dierker and Manson are careful to ensure that there is a steady arc, taking the listener on an engaging and gripping journey throughout the ups and downs of the song.

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“We All Say Forever” will surely find its way seamlessly into Of Sea and Stone’s live set list, and fans will be smitten. This group is no stranger to the stage, and this new single is a feel-good tune that would fit right in maybe at the end of a set, sending the audience home with a skip in their step and a smile on their face.

The pair have four tour dates in Missouri coming up in the next few months, so be sure to get your tickets if in the area, and keep your eyes peeled for when they may be pulling into a town near you.

And remember- Tinder love stories do exist.

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