Bronson Michigan’s Finest: The Heart Of Releases Counting Crows Cover Track, ‘A Long December’

When you’re recording songs in a Bronson, Michigan farmhouse, you can take comfort in knowing if nothing else, you’re not doing something everyone else is doing.

Such is the case with The Heart Of, who just released their latest single, which is a cover of Counting Crows’ track, A Long December. Previously, in the summer of last year, they released five songs from said farmhouse on their debut EP.

We shot some questions their way to learn about why they chose this particular song as a release, and to learn a bit more about them.

Who: The Heart Of

What: A cover release of Counting Crows’ song, A Long December

Where: Bronson, Michigan

Release Date: December 6th

About The Release: This song is one in a series of covers recorded in the farmhouse where The Heart Of has it’s creative base. I picked a few of my favorites and tried to see what putting them in that space would do, hoping to reinterpret them honestly and earnestly. 

Why This Song: A Long December is one of my favorite songs. It’s a reflection on reflecting and a chance to take stock and look back at the end of the year. I was born in December and see its return as an opportunity to reassess my own place in life each year. 

What’s Next: More singles, shows, and the roll out of new original songs in 2020!

Fun Fact About The Heart Of: The Heart Of is named after the Illinois river valley where I came from. The Heart Of Illinois is my origin point. 

My Three Records on a Desert Island: Jeff BuckleyGrace, The BandMusic From Big Pink, The Counting CrowsThis Desert Life

First Thing I’ll Do When I Hit The Big Time: Buy candy. Lots of candy. 

I Define Musical Success As: The ability to keep making music make my living. To create artistically and wholeheartedly in a way that reaches others.

Closing Words: As this single says, “the days go by so fast.” Savor them and treasure the rest of your year.

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