The Beauty In Pain: Americana Songsmith Leon Timbo Releases Introspective New EP ‘Lovers & Fools Vol. 2’

“Pain produces something beautiful.” 

Americana roots and soul songwriter Leon Timbo describes this as what motivates him as an artist in a previous interview of ours back in August of last year. This is translated onto his latest album, Lovers and Fools, Vol. 2, which was released on June 17.

His previous single, “Galaxy,” which is featured on the record, finds Timbo describing his love for his daughters and how they make him strive to be a better person. He stated to Wide Open Country, “The greatest gift to your life are the people you’re able to pour [love] into… or just give extensions of yourself to.”

His sixth track, “Struggle,” shows us how pain can truly produce something beautiful. The song illustrates how Timbo feels let down and betrayed by America for mistreating the Black community for centuries, and how it seems we take one step forward and two steps back. However, he acknowledges that there is still a sign of hope within our country, and does so with his booming, powerful vocals. 

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Timbo grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and is the son of two pastors, and we see his religious and soulful roots on “Even Jesus”. Only a mere 45 seconds, the song delivers a powerful message, that even Jesus had enemies. Furthermore, there is no easy path in life, so just find what makes you happy and pursue that. 

All in all, Lovers and Fools, Vol. 2, tells the story of hope, pain, and love. With each new piece of music that Timbo puts out, it’s easy to see the growth and developed storytelling ability, and this album is no exception.   

Timbo is currently on tour, gigging in London, then back to the states to play New Jersey, Virginia, and California. You can also find him on his co-hosted podcast Ok, Here We Go, where topics such as politics, religion and social issues are discussed.

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