The Artist Known As Deathcruiser Hits Songwriter-Rock Sweet Spot On Self-Titled Debut EP

The rise of Deathcruiser, starting with their debut self-titled EP, is an exciting ascendance to a lush Americana-pop sound that may contradict expectations set by the hardcore name.

Adam Roth, the singer-songwriter who the Deathcruiser moniker represents, can be recognized from his tenure with alt-rock band Grizfolk. Roth discusses how music has been his medium to carry him through pain and suffering in his life, and proclaims that, “Music has always been my Deathcruiser.” 

A common comparison for the band might be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The War on Drugs, or perhaps even The Boss himself at times. The blue-collar heartland songwriter-rock feel runs strong. With their new five-track EP, the comparison rings most true, as the songs possess the same sheen and sing-ability. However, Roth has his sights lined farther in popularity than the Heartbreakers, as he says, “I want to get half the country together for my concerts,” while citing a cultural division. 

“Night on Fire”, arguably the heart of the EP, is what Roth describes as a call to arms. He aims to send a message that everyone has something to fight for. Like what follows on the EP, it isn’t a brash call to arms, but rather one that unifies with catchy hooks and buttery acoustic strums. To top it off, we’re uplifted by layers of twangy Americana electric guitar that resonates most fondly.

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The Deathcruiser EP reaches outside itself with “Under Your Skin,” which is yet another memorable track. Roth says he hopes the song greets alien life in its longing to know what experience lies beyond the human world. 

Deathcruiser the artist and Deathcruiser the EP offers a common sound that can bring people together with tiny umbrella drinks, pints of Shiner Bock, and relatable sentiments- and the project is only getting started.

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