Tejas Brothers Bring Addictive Blend Of Tex-Mex Honky Tonk On Single ‘I Can’t Sleep’

Now here’s a refreshing, cultured sound that might make you want to take up square dancing lessons.

Combining the genres of Tejano (popularly known as Tex-Mex) and juke joint Honky Tonk, The Tejas Brothers are a quartet of music makers and entertainers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. The group is made up of Dave Perez (accordion and lead vocals), John Garza (upright bass and vocals), Jon Wallace (guitar), and Micah Norman (drums). 

The band’s 2021 single, “I Can’t Sleep,” is a perfect example of their unique style, as it showcases a rich and distinct blend of the two genres. 

The track holds the traditional twang of Honky Tonk magic, as Perez belts, “I can’t sleep with you running ’round in my head / Well I guess it’s no surprise / But I just now realized / You’re the heart and soul of my day,” while the trademark sound of the accordion shines over top of the shuffle.

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“I Can’t Sleep”

The boot scootin’ song dropped the same year as several other tracks of theirs, notably “La Llorona” and “Boogie Woogie Mamacita.” The band also released a full length album in 2013, titled Live a Little More

Formed in 2006, The Tejas Brothers quickly became regarded as one of the best live acts in Texas, and have continued delighting audiences in The Lone Star State and beyond since. Their 2007 debut album was the 7th most played Americana album in 2009. 

The Tejas Brothers say they are “Committed to providing fans and talent buyers alike with fun, energetic and uplifting music experiences…” And after diving into their lively sound, there is no doubt that is what this talented group delivers. They provide fans with the down-to-earth accessibility that they have become so well-known for.

Now we wait and see what the band has in store next…

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