Singer-Songwriter Vian Izak Releases Live Version Of His Single ‘Mostly’ Filmed In Nashville

Vian Izak, singer-songwriter originally from South Africa, has released a live version of his 2018 track, “Mostly,” recorded in Nashville.

Izak first hit the scene with his single, “Revolver,” in 2016, a guitar-driven track with an alternative-folk sound. But after two years of releasing singles, his debut album, Northern Anthems, came along in 2018, and was well-received. The 11-track release was nominated for two independent music awards and features Izak’s most successful track, “The London Air Raids,” an alternative acoustic anthem raking in millions of streams. However, Izak’s storytelling does not end with his songs. Northern Anthems was also paired with a 28-page comic book and created what has been dubbed the Vian Izak Universe.

Since 2018, Vian Izak has churned out two more powerful albums. 2019 saw the deliverance of his second album, The Navigator, joined by yet another comic. The most popular track off the project was “Call the Nightingale,” a short piano ballad recorded with Sarah Jane of Juniper Vale, frequent collaborator and wife of Izak.

Flight of the Aeronaut is his most recent album, released in March 2021. On this project, Izak collaborated with violinist Davide Rossi, who has worked with the likes of Coldplay, Royksopp, and Goldfrapp, produced the song “Sangre de Cristo,” a bittersweet folk song about longing for home.

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Following the release of his third album, Izak put on a release show in Music City performing songs off of the new project as well as older songs. This concert featured the recently released live version of his 2018 track, “Mostly,” off his debut album. The accompanying video displays visible chemistry between Izak and Jane and, coupled with the achingly honest lyrics, creates a friendly, intimate setting. With just minimal layers of vocals, harmonies, and electric piano, they were able to create a complete, calm atmosphere similar to a starry night sky.

Vian Izak claims to create “heartfelt music combined with stories,” a statement that is proven right by his abilities to build both a sonic and visual world with his songs. Whether a performance is live from Nashville or produced in a studio, Izak is able to capture the attention of the listener with his smooth vocals and emotional instrumentals.

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