Singer-Songwriter Natalie Brooke Damns Predictability & Monotony In Bubbly New Single ‘Blue Skies’

In her newest single, “Blue Skies,” down-to-earth songwriter and artist Natalie Brooke creates a candid description of her home state, California, into a relatable and catchy song.

Born and raised in Southern California, Brooke is known to make authentic music from the heart. A curious, ethereal soul, Brooke first began her musical journey in 2014 with her debut release, “The Truth Is”. Since, Brooke has practiced and honed her performing ability, relating and sharing with audiences her unique writing style and guitar playing.

2019 brought about one of her most notable performances, a finalist position for Jewel’s Wellness Festival talent competition in Denver, Colorado. Brooke has continued developing herself as an artist, becoming a well-rounded musician. Aside from her vocal and guitar prowess, she has recently learned to play the fiddle.

In 2020, Brooke decided to shift her focus more towards the country genre, trekking from Southern California to Nashville, where she currently works at her craft among like-minded peers. “Blue Skies”, hails back to the weather and ambiance of her former residence, and the feelings of monotony and predictability she seems to be very much over. The good news for Brooke is that Nashville will bring her all kinds of bi-polar, up and down weather throughout the year. Be careful what you wish for…

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“Blue Skies” begins with a subtle kick drum and snare combo, and paired with a chill, bubbly guitar, the theme of playful monotony is established quickly.

Tonic Grain describes the track as, “The delightful instrumentals intertwine and glide smoothly with such a refreshing feel…Brooke sings in her lovely, pure voice with a lot of character and charm”. Her clear voice pulls the listener in as she describes the complaints of boring, yet beautiful nature. She describes the setting as too easy and not challenging enough to interest or inspire her. The chorus is singable and catchy, with the harmony blending seamlessly into the track.

Contrary to the song’s lyrics, Brooke’s beautiful and vibrant persona is evident in “Blue Skies,” and we look forward to seeing what comes next.

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