Singer-Songwriter Jacob Wallace Hunts For Answers In New Single ‘Poison Control’

Pastor and small business owner by day, singer-songwriter and designer by night is an awfully unique and extensive title- and it’s one Jacob Wallace holds with pride.

After years working a corporate job, Wallace was met with divine intervention; being laid off allowed him to explore his relationship with God and steer his focus toward songwriting. Since he was nine, Wallace has been writing and playing music inspired by his life experiences, and authenticity flows through his songs, which tackle everything from faith to heartbreak. 

His time working as a pastor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area took Wallace on a journey that brought a new dimension to his music, which he has expanded on since moving to Oregon – a move he made to continue his work as a pastor. 

Raised in the boondocks of Virginia and North Carolina, Wallace’s influences are widespread. A Christian upbringing and a rebellious alternative phase were impactful on his direction as a songwriter, incorporating distorted guitars and introspective lyrics to create a sound that is distinctly Wallace’s.

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This sound is at the forefront of Wallace’s new single, “Poison Control”; released July 16th, the track takes on an edgy 80s rock sound with its synths, distorted guitars, and driving beat. Written on a grand piano in an empty room, the song could not have taken on a bigger transformation from its original form; complex instrumentals underlay the pleading lyrics in which Wallace asks for God’s grace.

“Poison Control” came to Wallace as a premonition.

The melody and themes were a constant amidst the chaos of the pandemic, following him into every song he wrote – eventually, it took on a life of its own. Drawing inspiration directly from his life, the lyrics convey the message that miracles happen for those who believe – something Wallace had to tell himself time and time again – which became an anthem for the songwriter.

Unlike “Wanderer”, where Wallace’s acoustic and natural side shines, “Poison Control” is loud and dark, highlighting his versatility as an artist – it also shows maturity and growth in his songwriting skills, both lyrically and musically. 

Although there is no word of an album, it’s hard to believe Wallace doesn’t have something up his sleeve. With strong singles like “Poison Control” and “Wanderer,” a larger collection of songs promises a diverse range of sounds and songs that will satisfy any mood, whether it be wanderlust or seeking guidance from a higher power.

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