Saddle Up Partner: Mysterious Country Western Noir-Rock Duo Bad Flamingo Drop New Single ‘Dead Man’s Hand’

Redefining the appeal to what is simple but effective, Bad Flamingo prompts the statement, “Less is more.” 

In this digital age, living anonymously, especially as an artist in the music industry, can appear somewhat impossible, yet no one knows much of anything regarding the up-and-coming country western act Bad Flamingo- and that’s the point. Using a different kind of mask than what we’ve become accustomed to, the duo has created an enticing enigma that has everyone intrigued to know as much information about them as they are willing to reveal. 

Two badass women who refer to themselves as The One on the Left and The One on the Right have steadily risen higher on the notable ladder ever since the release of their first single in 2018, establishing an alluring persona with sensuous, groove-oriented beats and dark, hard-edged guitar work. Their influences? “Singing cowboys, blue suede, cinnamon, Gibson, and good boots.” To put it simply, if Nick Cave and Jack White were to have a baby – make that two – Bad Flamingo is what you’d get. 

What is specifically unparalleled about this pair is their ability to push the boundaries of their genre – sounding original and deviant – while using rather minimalistic arrangements. This rings true in their newest single “Dead Man’s Hand,” a sinister tune with propulsive drums and a crunchy, reverb-stricken guitar, dominated by a sultry vocal that bursts like a flame and burns out like a whisper of smoke. Gritty and menacing, heavy and intimidating, this song is a prime example of what it’s like to be entranced by the devil himself. The infatuating call of a siren that leads to your wretched and, do I dare say, thrilling downfall.

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We always love what we can’t have, and this indie twosome starves us in a way that feeds us and makes us full. There’s a reason they’ve attached the famous Oscar Wilde quote to their narrative – the only real intel they’ll gift us: “Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth.” If they’re wearing their masks, we can trust that they’re being honest – but the real question is, how do we know when their masks are on or off? At the end of the day, all we have are songs like “Dead Man’s Hand” to give us any hint of insight into the mystic minds of Bad Flamingo, but even then, the music is just a mirror image of what the band is – baring us nothing while bestowing everything. 

It’s hard to fight the intrigue.

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