Roy Lucian Baza Demonstrates The Intricacies & Power Of Love With New Video Single ‘You & Me’

With heartfelt lyrics and music video to match, coupled with a contemporary melody, Roy Lucian Baza’s latest single “You and Me” is a triumph that showcases the Bay Area songwriter’s creative musical vision.

Performed with Joseph Eid, “You and Me” is a love letter to love itself, as it takes listeners on an emotional journey through the intricacies of the heart and relationships. The lyrics are deeply vulnerable and relatable, expressing the joys, struggles and in-betweens that come with being in love. The lyrics are complemented by a captivating melody that effortlessly blends contemporary pop elements with Baza’s distinctive musical taste.

This single is a testament to Baza’s growth as an artist, showcasing his maturity and willingness to explore deeper themes in his music. The track resonates with listeners on an emotional level, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences of love and relationships despite any kind of sexual orientation, as love is love. 

The music video for “You and Me” perfectly complements the song’s simple yet effective narrative. From the opening frames, it captivates viewers with its stunning cinematography, vibrant colors, and meticulous attention to detail. The video beautifully captures the essence of the song, portraying moments of joy, intimacy, and vulnerability.

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About the song, Baza says, “For me, it’s the cherry on top of the album and the perfect ending to the era that restarted my career thus far. The song is a duet, performed by myself and Joseph Eid. I wrote the song about falling in love, being judged for that love, and finding that the bond made between yourself and your partner is sometimes only understood within the relationship you are in. It’s a hopeful song for the hopeless romantics like myself, dreaming of a wanderlust relationship we deserve to one day have.”

Regarding the music video, he told us, “It was shot on location in Boston, a part of the short film, Where It Began, (now streaming on Vimeo). It brings the song to life in ways that I only dreamed of, and I’m so glad the music video showcases that for the audience watching.”

Where It Began was inspired by his new creative direction and his first tour across the U.S. with his band, The Closed Door Tour.

Having gotten himself involved in the music scene since the age of 12, Baza has since devoted his life to the art form. After a brief hiatus due to being diagnosed with Glaucoma, he returned to the industry last year with his self-titled debut album, Roy, produced by Ben Wilkins, which deals with themes of healing and self-re-discovery. It was accompanied by a visual film titled Roy: The Film directed by Anthony Rojas, which helped further breathe life into the project.

“You and Me” is the final single from Baza’s album Roy, which saw a deluxe edition released this past May, featuring 16 tracks. Teaming up again with Wilkins, a second studio album is in the works and to be released at a later date.

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