All In The Family: Mother-Daughter Group O.N.E The Duo Release Latest Single ‘Til You Called My Name’

O.N.E The Duo, the first Black mother-daughter duo in country and Americana music that happen to have iconic hip-hop lineage, gives their audience another enticing glimpse into their upcoming debut album, Blood Harmony, with the release of their June 16th single, “Til You Called My Name.”

This marks the release of the pair’s third single from their new album, following “Hearts like Mine,” which came out on May 12th, and “Feels Good,” which dropped March 17th.

“Til You Called My Name” is a sparkling heartfelt ballad that showcases the dynamic pair’s vocal talent, as they blend soulful melodies, rich harmonies, and emotionally charged lyrics. From the very first notes of the piano, the track sets an enchanting tone with the melody beautifully weaving in and out, effortlessly carrying the listeners through a journey of emotions. 

O.N.E The Duo’s voices meld seamlessly, and their delivery is filled with raw emotion, making every word resonate deeply with the listener.

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Til You Called My Name

The song itself explores themes of longing and the profound impact that someone with unconditional love can have on our lives. The lyrics of the single – which were penned by the duo along with John Bettis and Marv Green – showcase the artists’ ability to deliver poetic and relatable storytelling. It illuminates the power of unconditional love as a grounding force in a whirlwind world, especially the bond between mother and daughter. The track was pristinely produced by Nash Overstreet.

“’Til You Called My Name’ is very sentimental and, I believe, the heartbeat and soul of Blood Harmony,” says Tekitha Supreme, who forms half of the duo with her daughter Prana Supreme. “It encompasses the pure love between Prana and I, and the gratitude we have for sharing this journey with one another.”

She explains that beyond being a mother and daughter, the song captures what happens to a person when they give and receive unconditional love. That is when they find home within, as a line in the chorus perfectly sums up stating, “I never knew where home was / I didn’t know where home was / Til you called my name.”

O.N.E The Duo

Regarding the accompanying music video, Tekitha added, “This music video captures the tenderness of this song, but also closes with a page from our family history: a music-filled house party setting featuring friends like Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, but truly — the most special part of the entire video is that it opens with Prana’s voice at two-years-old by way of one of our most personal home movies. It’s so special to us, and I hope others find it special as well.”

O.N.E The Duo’s background is a story rooted in hip-hop royalty, with Tekitha being the female lead on the Wu-Tang Clan albums, and Prana being the daughter of RZA, the founder and de facto leader of Wu-Tang Clan. Together, they became the first artists to journey from hip-hop to country.

The band’s name has a special meaning as “O.N.E” stands for Observant, Noetic, and Effervescent; there’s intentionally no period after the “E” because effervescence goes on and on. The duo performed during CMA Fest in Nashville earlier this month, and is readying for more performances which will be announced soon.

Blood Harmony is due out August 11th via Visionary Media Group.

O.N.E The Duo

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