Roots N’ Soul Songwriter Kyshona Releases Powerful New Two Track EP ‘Rise The Tide’

Awarded by NIMA as the “Best R&B/Soul Artist” of 2020, roots songstress Kyshona has made a spectacular impression on the music industry with her striking vocals and empowering lyricism. 

As NPR Music notes in their reflection of Kyshona’s sound and presence as an artist, she is “called upon to represent soul and gospel in roots, rock and folk lineups and to bring singer-songwriter sensibilities to R&B bills.” Kyshona’s newest release embodies this narrative in her two-track EP, Rise The Tide

Amassing over 80,000 streams, Kyshona’s 2020 album, Listen, is a bluesy and melodic work accentuated by harmonies and the raw sounds of guitars, drums, and keys. Billboard describes the album as “a story of fear, hope, community, love and understanding throughout the 10-track project” where Kyshona “also finds herself.” She continues to express herself and imprint her identity as an activist, music therapist, and artist into her recent release.

The first song, “Rise the Tide,” is a rhythmic tune carried by Kyshona’s airy, resonating vocals. Organic lyrics like “the earth in my hands, the breath in my lungs, the pull of the tide, the salt on my tongue,” highlight the natural and dry sound of the guitar and percussion.

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“Out Loud” follows, and this melodic number features rich harmonies on top of a soothing electric guitar. Her soft-spoken words challenge introspection as she sings, “I wish you’d say anything / I think you know just what you want now / Just too afraid to say it out loud.” 

Not only does her music demonstrate her passion for music therapy and social activism and healing, Kyshona also founded a non-profit organization called Your Song. The endeavor encourages songwriting and community through the connection of members of the music world and disadvantaged areas.

With Kyshona’s devoted spirit and soulful sound, Rise The Tide pulls you in with tranquil timbres and hits like a roaring wave.

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