Retro Soul Songstress Chanda Rule Showcases Divine Vocal Prowess On Powerful Re-Released Track ‘Wade’

With a passion for finding wholeness through music and community, gospel/jazz singer-songwriter Chanda Rule believes “songs are a healing balm for the human spirit.”

After discovering that perhaps a conventional 9 to 5 office job wasn’t for her, Rule began a career in musical theater. Music had been an integral part of her childhood, and in the hectic world of New York, she found comfort in song. 

A blend of her gospel roots and newer jazz sound, Rule’s re-released single, “Wade,” showcases an ability to penetrate deeply into the minds of listeners.

With minimal but jazzy instrumental accompaniment, the song leaves room for her soulful and mighty vocals to take center stage. The lyrics convey themes of religion, using the cleansing and purification properties of water as imagery. She sings, “I’ve got a home on the other side,” a reference to the afterlife and what awaits beyond death. Her beautifully stirring voice has the power to transport listeners back to those antique wooden church pews. 

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Recently, Rule has continued to work on some original compositions, channeling her heart and soul into each song. Coming this year, she plans to debut several projects: On Time – with Sweet Emma Band; Revival, with Mickylee; and River, a concert series commissioned by Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church. 

Revival is a collaboration with friend and fellow musician Mickylee, in which the two use their music to gather all kinds of people, both religious and not. The idea is to pursue a soulful, inspiring mission beyond the walls of a church. 

As a pioneer for the Sweet Emma Band, Rule continues to bring her uniquely soulful sound to life. Combined with jazz instrumentals, the group both creates new music and brings new life to traditional work songs and folk tunes. This spring will see their latest project, “Every Sing Moment.” 

A firm advocate for the power of the voice, Rule also works as a vocal coach. Each person’s “individual sound is like an invisible fingerprint,” which she believes will reflect our truest selves. Her practices of yoga and meditation have lent themselves to a strong connection between body and breath, which she hopes to pass along to her students. 

Fans of Rule’s music can explore more of her heartfelt creative content in her biweekly podcast, The Courageous Voice, or her book, How Butterfly Got Her Beautiful Wings

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