Quarterly Review: Top 5 Non-Country Nashville Releases Of 2021

The past three months have been rather tumultuous for Nashville. Tornado warnings, extreme flooding, and even a snowstorm are just a handful of hurdles Mother Nature had in store since January. But the dramatic weather hasn’t hindered the creative flow of many local artists and bands in the area, and it hasn’t stopped audiences from taking notice, either.

Here are just a few of my favorite non-country songs to come out of Nashville so far in 2021.

5. Candace in Wonderland– “Pipe Dreamzzz”

Candace in Wonderland will take you down the rabbit hole with her latest single “Pipe Dreamzzz”, a catchy, disco-inspired pop tune. Candace’s approach towards indie pop are inspired by viral sensations like Blu DeTiger and Billie Eilish, making her latest song a certified indie-kid hit. If you want a boost of serotonin during a gloomy day, blast “Pipe Dreamzzz”. It works, trust me. 

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4. Jive Talk– “Sue”

Nashville indie band Jive Talk’s latest release, “Sue,” is an eclectic fusion of synth pop with alt rock. The Foster the People-esque song is the debut single for the group’s EP, set to release April 9th. Lead singer Oliver Pierce hopes the song will remind listeners of life pre-COVID, and its optimistic melody and catchy rhythm are certain to do just that. 

3. Haiva Ru– “Oh, But Lover”

In “Oh, But Lover”, singer-songwriter Haiva Ru explores self-love and acceptance after a devastating breakup with the chorus proclaiming: “I’m learning to love myself better than I have before / and I know that means I’m breaking your heart.” Her intimate lyrics and words of affirmation are sure to resonate with many (I know they sure resonated with me), and prove that no topic is off limits for the artist. We can’t wait to see what else Haiva Ru will craft for her upcoming album Bloom, Baby Bloom, set to release April 16th. 

2. Dreamer Boy ft. Melanie Faye– “Let’s Hold Hands”

Nashville-based indie artist Dreamer Boy teamed up with R&B songstress Melanie Faye to create “Let’s Hold Hands”, a lush love song blossoming with infectious melodies. The song was released in anticipation for his sophomore album, All The Ways We Are Together, set to release on Earth Day, April 22nd. The trippy electric guitar solo and reverberated vocals give the song multiple sonic layers, flourishing with color. Be sure to give it a listen, preferably outside and soaked in nature, the way Dreamer Boy intended.

1. Ryan Prewett- “More”

“More” is track by producer Ryan Prewitt in collaboration with Nashville artist Jon Mullins. It’s just one of the funky disco-inspired tunes out of Prewitt’s latest album, Funk Aesthetics. Nearly every track on the album features a different Nashville vocalist, making it a staple for anyone wanting to dip their toes in the local Nashville music scene. “More” will have you ready to put on your sequin cowboy hat and your dancing shoes, eager for the next disco revival — let’s all just hope Nashville’s nasty weather will be over by then.

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