Pure Belgicana: Belgian Band Dixie Rose Delivers Their Unique Brand Of Americana On New Single ‘Eyes Of Mary Jane’

From nearly 4,500 miles across the Atlantic hails Belgian collective Dixie Rose, a group of five talented instrumentalists and songwriters who have a knack for creating upbeat and original Americana and blues-inspired music. Coining the term “Belgicana”, the band was formed by songwriting duo Dag Luyten and Anniek Raedschelders.

With Dolly Parton-esque lyrics against an instrumental reminiscent of the Man in Black’s “Folsom Prison Blues”, Dixie Rose’s latest single, “Eyes of Mary Jane”, has an appeal that can reach country, folk, and blues fans alike.

The single also features Anniek’s daughter, Ise, on backing vocals and keys to create something of a family affair within the track. The upbeat swell of drums, electric and acoustic guitars, keys, and upright bass, along with a “take it or leave it” lyrical attitude, create a contagious, boot-stomping track. The band works flawlessly in tandem with one another to create summery, warm, folk-Americana (rather, Belgicana) tones that float about the air and stick with the listener. 

Dixie Rose is composed of five members: the aforementioned Dag Luyten (guitar) and Anniek Raedschelders (vocals), as well as Nico Camps (drums), Kevin Bloeman (guitar), and Rico Hagemeijer (bass). Together, the band creates music exploring the beauties of life, love, soul-searching, and inspiring encounters.

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In the upcoming months, Dixie Rose hopes to share their music across Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, but the group is also anxious to someday dip their toes into North American waters.

“Eyes of Mary Jane” is now available to stream across all platforms.

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