PREMIERE: Seattle Rock & Rollers La Need Machine Send Positive Message With New Video Single ‘Negative’

In a climate where the future can seem a bit bleak and interpersonal relationships seem far and few between, Seattle-based rock & roll group La Need Machine looks to satirically sing off those negative feelings, and embrace the positive with their latest single and music video, “Negative.”

The band carries a respectable ethos in an often fame/influencer-motivated music industry, as they were not formed out of a selfish desire for fame, but more so to utilize music as a tool for societal wellness.

While their punchy drumlines and ripping electric guitar leads keep them grounded to the rock n’ roll genre, their lyrics and inspiration come from an ethical place that seek to help their community through monetary donation accumulated from their streaming revenue.

This latest single comes off of their debut album, Killer Instinct, which dropped last week, November 11th.

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“Negative” focuses on pointing out the way negativity can infect a person’s personality and their relationships, and turn their life into a bitter experience. The catchy, dynamic-scaling lead vocals combined with the striking percussion that really drives the message home: this group doesn’t stand for people ruining their fun and rock and roll energy, as stated in their opening lyric, “I want to rock and roll all night.” An appealing and familiar line that immediately resonates with the listener.

The music video paired with this single is a satire on how negativity weaves its way into everyone’s lives, affecting body language and creating a ripple of effect of bad attitudes. It shows that this can just as easily be exterminated from a situation with some optimism and a change of perspective.

The video features cuts between the group performing the single live, and little skits with themes of negativity and how foolish pessimistic perspectives can be. The shots of the full group performing the song are when the meaning behind the lyrics is best communicated by the passion and fervor they as a band perform with. 

Regarding the song and video, guitarist Al Dams told us, “Shooting the video for ‘Negative’ was very 2022. This is a song that makes you want to move around! But the night before we were set to film, people in the band got Covid and couldn’t make the shoot. We had already scheduled the Thumbnail Theater, so, as they say, we decided as a band that the show must go on!”

Now with their debut album out and booming, the group looks to play more shows for their eager audience and continue to spread their musical motivation.

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