PREMIERE: Sail Cassady Displays Vibrant Indie Noir-Wave Charm On Single ‘Leather Shoe Lovers’

Sexuality. Mental health. Consciousness. These are some of the meta themes that run through the music of flamboyant indie pop-rockers Sail Cassady, who hail from Victoria, British Columbia.

Like a queer-friendly U2 with a dash of The Pogues, their songs document the torture and delights of the artist’s own grueling process of self-discovery, and gives a glimpse into the subterranean realms of the Sail Cassady consciousness.

Behind the eclectic project is Colin Craveiro, whose gift for connecting with people through music is part of what makes his work so special. By broaching such subjects as mentioned above, Sail Cassady is known for their insightful dive into the human consciousness and the artistic process.  

The band’s debut album, Juniper – which comes out via Surkeus Records Aug 25th – paints an elaborate portrait of the torture and triumphs of the artistic process and the inevitable self-discovery that comes with it. Their third and final single, “Leather Shoe Lovers”, dropped today, June 23rd.

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“Leather Shoe Lovers”

Exploring the internal “tug of war” behind any experience of duality, the song narrates the tale of two lovers in the midst of a newfound connection. As with embracing anything new, fear and doubt begin to creep in. A dystopian dream-pop banger, “Leather Shoe Lovers” dares to traverse the line between the familiar and the feared, and what it’s like to wonder which way to turn. 

Like most artists, Craveiro’s affinity for music-making began early in his life. Partly raised by his grandmother, he took comfort in the old time music she played for him. Proclaiming it his first love, the musician found a true home that he says, “Allowed me in my entirety.” There was no judgment in the keys of his piano or the quietness of his house as he sang. There, he could be fully and unapologetically himself, something that the project that is Sail Cassady certainly delivers.

Written and intended for everyone, with the release of “Leather Shoe Lovers,” Sail Cassady hopes to encourage listeners to “drop the cocoon and fly.”

Sail Cassady

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