Premiere: Nicole Boggs & The Reel Release Live Video From The Sanctuary For New Single ‘Existential Blues’

In anticipation of their new album, Dystopian Book Club, Nashville-based rock and roll band Nicole Boggs & The Reel are releasing their badass new live video for their March 16th single, “Existential Blues.”

The video, premiering live on YouTube, was filmed by MisFit Studios International in front of a live studio audience, which was at The Sanctuary, a West Nashville studio that made for the perfect backdrop. 

The band, already having familial bonds, had an added layer of intimacy with this performance, debuting the song in front of family and close friends, adding to the emotional aspect of the video. The band’s chemistry is on full display, as it’s immediately clear this isn’t their first rodeo. Their ability to seamlessly gel together is admirable, and their electric energy is palpable. Another point of emphasis is their lush three-part harmonies during the chorus, further displaying their sonic bond. The video as a whole makes you want to keep an eye on their tour dates and regional gigs.

Photo by Sammy Hearn

The trio showcases a more personal side to them with “Existential Blues”, a song wrapped around the theme of the simple desire for human connection. The upcoming album as a whole adopts existential themes as well, also while paving a new sound and path for the band following their 2020 EP, None of Your Business, as their latest releases now feature Boggs taking care of business on the bass.

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The trio has been together since 2019, with the three band members Nicole Boggs (bass, lead vocals), Sam Gyllenhaal (guitars, vocals), and Alex Kramer (guitar, vocals) having pursued solo musical journeys before coming together for their first release, Scenes From Last Year. The band brings a cohesiveness to their catchy rock n’ roll sound, combining their uniquely different personalities and influences to their songwriting. Since their 2020 EP release and 2021 singles, they have been diligently crafting their new album, which is slated for an August 1st release. 

With the raw energy and drive behind “Existential Blues,” it’ll be exciting to see what the rest of this new album has to offer from these Nashville rock mainstays.

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