Premiere: Neo-Folk Duo HuDost Releases Tender Music Video For New Single ‘Home Is Bigger Than Us’

The goal of many musicians is to create emotionally resonant art that many people are able to relate to.

Many artists will agree that this is a valuable quality, and it is, but additional achievements that not other mainstream artists strive for is to obtain social and environmental justice through their art.

That is exactly what HuDost stands for.

A folk and world-music duo, HuDost consists of Montreal native Moksha Sommer and Kentucky-born Jemal Wade Hines. Since first meeting at a Rumi festival in North Carolina, the two have married and become partners in life, music, and activism.

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The two have done advocacy work as Representatives for ONE, a non-profit organization working to end extreme poverty. Last year, they partnered with minister and activist William J. Barber II and the Poor People’s Campaign on their powerful single “Our Words Will Be Louder.

Released today, November 19th, their single “Home is Bigger Than Us,” is a testament to the love that Sommer and Hines share. A self-proclaimed “expression of genuine intimacy,” the track is all about how the whole of a home is always bigger than the sum of its parts. No matter the differences or disparities we face, loving one another will always prevail.

The stunning music video for “Home is Bigger Than Us” features scenes of Sommer and Hines sharing moments of this genuine intimacy, being fully in each other’s presence. Both the track and its music video weave an intricate tapestry of folk music, world influences, and, most importantly, the message that love is never perfect.

“Home is Bigger Than Us,” along with HuDost’s latest album Anthems of Home, is available to stream now.

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