Premiere: Nashville Soul Pop Songstress Kara Frazier Drops Newest EP ‘The Deja Vu Sessions’

Defying the barriers of genre, Florida Coast songstress Kara Frazier has created her own unique blend of pop, jazz, and soul. Frazier, who now calls Nashville home, has drawn inspiration from profound singers of the past such as Etta James as well as heartfelt performers of the present like Ray LaMontagne.

Not only has she collaborated with the unparalleled blues artist and multi-instrumentalist, Taj Mahal, she has also worked on previous singles with Grammy Award-winning producers, Brett Maher and Shannon Sanders. Frazier’s newest record, The Deja Vu Sessions, is her third studio EP with gripping lyrics and powerhouse vocals comparable to the divas of the seventies.

The crisply produced title track, “Deja Vu,” demands attention and intrigue as it unleashes an intoxicating, serpentine melody that begins to wrap around an entranced listener. With clever lyrics like “this love is a satire, and I play the fool,” punctuated by refrains to emphasize the song’s concept, Frazier initiates a deep discussion of relational woes and vain apologies.

“Words,” soon follows with a groove that conjures images of Studio 54, while opening the door for, “I Fell Apart,” a Post Malone cover arranged to showcase Frazier’s tremendous voice. The three singles compliment one other effortlessly —a seemingly calculated approach in order to communicate an overarching story that still allows the audience to have a musical experience without any jarring breaks in between songs.

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After the success of releasing multiple singles and seeing over 55k streams, Frazier was offered the opportunity to go into the studio and record a live record. The Deja Vu Sessions was an opportunity for her to dive deep into her most influential music and release an authentic and bold record. Produced by Lee Horrocks and arranged by Matt Chancey, The Deja Vu Sessions was recorded live in-studio in Franklin, TN. The album is loaded with retro vibes, and is a genuine look at Frazier’s versatility as an artist. 

Simply put, The Deja Vu Sessions is an event to be experienced. It’s expertly crafted and deeply insightful. The accompaniment for each song is sophisticated, yet remains inviting. Additionally, Frazier’s control of her instrument is noticeably unmatched, which arguably prepares her for a stratospheric entry amongst stars like Adele, Leon Bridges, and Lana Del Rey.

Give it a listen, add it to your playlists, and keep an eye out for this rising Nashville songstress.

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