Premiere: Nashville Indie Pop Songstress Kayce Laine Touches On Rekindling Lost Love On New Single ‘Memory’

Nashville-based indie pop songwriter Kayce Laine won’t be merely a “memory” in your mind, but rather a musician and performer that you’ll likely be seeing and hearing much more of.

In the music industry, the phrase “triple threat” is used often, but there is not a triple threat quite like Laine, who is a singer-songwriter, co-founder of music production company Gold Sky Music, and a certified sound healer. As a life-long musician, she began studying energy work while exploring ways to overcome her own creative block with her songwriting, hence her therapeutic prowess.

After finding the effects of vibrational healing techniques to be extremely beneficial to her creativity and overall well-being, she undertook formal studies in crystal, sound and reiki healing. She offers private and group sessions with a focus in working with musicians, facilitating sound baths at local songwriting retreats, music studios, and music venues to ease anxiety and optimize creative flow for artists.

As far as her own music goes, Laine has a very keen and commercial uniqueness that seeps deeply into her sound that resonates with many. Her first single from her upcoming LP titled, “Another Side,” has been featured on WXNA as well as GlamGlare, Mundane Mag, We Own This Town and more. 

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Laine’s energy is extremely palpable, and this carries itself into her newest release, “Memory”, which officially drops today, March 17th.

In this piano-based indie-pop track, Laine discusses how she wishes that she and her love interest could be together even though the relationship is toxic. “[‘Memory’] explores the dynamics between two old lovers who can’t fight the urge to reconnect,” Laine says.  She knows that her partner should be a memory because “that’s what they’re supposed to be”. 

Laine’s light and airy vocals are a perfect contrast to the dark and spacious instrumentals for the track. The juxtaposition of her voice with the instrumentals is very similar to the battle that the lovers in her song are going through . . . it’s the classic “will they or won’t they?”

With her introspective lyricism, dark instrumentals, and authentic vocals, Laine’s energy is infectious, and the Nashville pop world may just have a serious contender on their hands. 

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