PREMIERE: Madelyn Read Delivers New Music Video For LP Title Track ‘Concrete Country’

Today, Madelyn Read treats her fans with an enticing countrified music video for the title track of her new LP Concrete Country, which dropped May 19th.

The song itself is heartfelt and introspective, showcasing her poignant songwriting skills and evocative vocal abilities. The final track on the album, “Concrete Country” takes listeners on a journey through the depths of personal experiences and the longing for connection.

Directed by Ariana Roach, the music video takes viewers on a captivating journey, offering a visual narrative that beautifully enhances the themes and atmosphere of the song. From the opening frames, the video establishes a sense of introspection and contemplation as we see Read looking up: “Can you be a country singer if you grew up in the city?” There is a theme of entering a new journey in life and the excitement that comes with it.

It artfully captures Read’s performance, utilizing close-ups to convey the raw emotions expressed in her lyrics. The visual focus on her expressive face adds an intimate touch, allowing the viewer to connect deeply with the song.

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Madelyn Read // Photo by Maria-Jose Araujo

The video starts with a doubt if city girls can do country, and ends with her creating that dream for herself along with saving the ranch. The juxtaposition of expansive landscapes with close-ups of Read creates a sense of emotional vastness, mirroring the introspective expedition the song embarks upon.

Concrete Country the LP blends country and folk influences into her own creation, delivering a heartfelt and insightful album with authenticity and emotional depth. The instrumentation is beautifully crafted with country appeal, providing a lush backdrop for Read’s storytelling. With delicate acoustic guitars and subtle arrangements to complement each song, the LP enhances the emotional impact without overpowering the intimacy of Read’s performances.

Tracks like “Fair-Weather Rider” and “Are We Blue” infuse elements of folk and Americana, highlighting Read’s ability to meld a unique sound all her own. Each song in Concrete Country unfolds like a chapter in Read’s life, inviting the listener to join her and more than likely relate it to their own life.

Concrete Country

Just as art imitates life, Read has spent her whole life in the city of Vancouver, with her heart residing in the rural tales of folk and Americana music. This duality of urban and country is ever present in her music, specifically “Concrete Country.”

Read’s journey as a songwriter took a significant turn when she crossed paths with Louise Burns in 2019, resulting in her first professionally recorded single “How Easy,” produced by Burns at Vancouver’s 604 Studios. Following the release of the song in the Fall of 2020 and a temporary pause due to the pandemic, Read delved into writing her debut album, which would result in Concrete Country.

Serving as an ode to home, the album is a captivating blend of affection and frustration, presenting a remarkable, thought-provoking, and heartwarming collection that is sure to resonate.

Madelyn Read // Photo by Maria-Jose Araujo

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