Premiere: Indie Rockers Earth From The Moon Drop Hopeful Mellow Groover In New Single ‘Chase The Daylight’

Many songwriters past and present admit that sad songs are the easiest to write. They can flow out naturally like a river, sharing a relatable pain that can tug the heartstrings and bring listeners to tears.

Today, it seems uplifting songs about hope are the hardest to write, and listeners around the world could use them more than ever. Enter Canadian indie band, Earth From The Moon. With their emotionally resonating lyrics and groove-driven instrumentation, the sound puts out a satellite that says it’s never too late to start pursuing your dreams and seeking brighter days.

And today, April 22nd, Earth From The Moon has released their sophomore single that emanates these messages in “Chase The Daylight.”

The song prides itself on its semi-psych indie rock instrumentation and again, hopeful lyrics regarding how the vocalist never wants to live in darkness or defeat, hence the title, “Chase The Daylight”. 

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Earth From The Moon is the brainchild of John Ounpuu (JUNO award-winner), who originally emerged on the Canadian indie rock scene in the mid-90’s with the Vancouver band Pluto. The new musical project is centered around creating songs that are an ode to self-discovery and the subtle-yet-profound moments of life.

Despite Earth From The Moon’s gravitational optimism, its origins come from a slightly more existential place. “I was coming up on my 50th birthday. It had been 20 years since I wrote a song that more than a few people heard,” says Ounpuu. “I thought: if not now, when? What am I waiting for?” Ounpuu’s sentiment is perfect for all creatives not just in the music industry that possess a litany of fabricated fears/excuses as to why they shouldn’t pursue their dreams as artists. That is always the ultimate question: if not now, when?

After his musical epiphany, Ounpuu did what any artist would do: travel out to a deserted island and opened Garageband. Immediately after, Earth From The Moon was born. The two tracks thus far were created with Ryan Dahle (Mounties, Limblifter, Age of Electric) at his studio on Mayne Island. Dahle’s brother Kurt (New Pornographers, Neko Case, Destroyer) was kind enough to play drums and saxophone. 

With their optimistic sophomore single, Earth From The Moon is sure to shine a beacon of hope to all artists and listeners to live life to the fullest and pursue their dreams. 

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