PREMIERE: Indie Psych-Soul Rockers Ducky Neptune Tease Upcoming Album With Groovy New Single ‘Jamesy Boy’

Nashville-based indie soul band Ducky Neptune has developed a reputation for keeping things groovy and loose, and keep pace with that mantra with their almost-summer anthem and latest single, “Jamesy Boy,” officially hitting streaming services tomorrow, Cinco de Mayo.

Their unique sound is rooted in a fun blue-collar hue that captures their origins of restaurant kitchens and construction sites. The band officially formed in 2019 with Josh Blanco (vocals) and Shane Ray (guitar), releasing their first self-funded, self-produced, and self-titled EP in 2020. 

Though it wasn’t until 2021 that they fully unlocked their sound, when Ari Fine (keys) and John Aldridge (drums) completed the now quartet. In between renovations and line cook shifts, they’ve been honing in the genre-bending psychedelic surf-soul sound that saturates their upcoming album, Insensitive Plastic

So, let “Jamesy Boy” serve as an exciting teaser of what’s to come.

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“Jamesy Boy”

One of eight tracks off of their upcoming album, this tune offers an upbeat take on the trials and errors of success. It was originally written by Blanco on acoustic guitar before being adapted to bass for the band. The band collaborated in harmony to create the groove-ridden work gracing our ears now, while still keeping true to its acoustic sentiments. 

Blanco sings, “Sometimes you sit and wonder / The great question why an ego needs to survive / Taking you whole life over,” as the track swells into optimistic horn riffs and electric licks. In keeping with the vision of the album, “Jamesy Boy” is both entertaining and meaningful, with introspective lyrics that can’t help but be sung with a little sway in the hips. 

Fans of artists such as My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam, Mt. Joy, and Sticky Fingers may feel particularly jazzed about “Jamesy Boy” and their approaching album, which is being mixed by 4x Grammy award-winning mixing engineer Robert Carranza.  

“Jamesy Boy” is mere hours away from official release, so tomorrow, be sure to grab a Margarita or three, kick back and let the Ducky Neptune groove soothe you. And keep an eye out for Insensitive Plastic out everywhere on June 23rd.

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