PREMIERE: Experimental Indie Pop Artist Gardening, Not Architecture Delivers Enchanting Music Video For Single ‘Like You’

In a world saturated with mass-produced, cookie-cutter pop music, Gardening, Not Architecture (Sarah Saturday) provides listeners with a refreshing experimental pop project. And today, July 6th, the multi-faceted artist has released her latest music video for her single, “Like You.”

Breaking free from the mold of conventional pop, Gardening, Not Architecture’s latest music video and single, “Like You,” delves deep into the complexities of self-discovery, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her creative journey. With its simple yet visceral visuals and enchanting melodies, “Like You” showcases the artist’s creative breadth, and reveals the depths of her musical evolution. 

Directed by Dycee Wildman, the music video sits us down within an ethereal twilight landscape with something seen off in the distance. Saturday, clad in a shining dress resembling the galaxy, comes slowly running into the frame throughout the song, throwing away the blanket covering her from a forest just as the airplane flying in the sky leaves the frame. In a dreamlike environment with beautiful orange and purple skies, the cinematography beautifully captures her emotional vulnerability, highlighting her commitment to artistic storytelling.

The melodies of “Like You” serve as the perfect backdrop for the introspective lyrics, as she sings, “Don’t get lost in the mirror / Don’t go down that road,” implying to not get lost in vanity. She ignites a spark within her audience, encouraging them to shed their masks, embrace vulnerability, and stand tall in their authenticity. “Like You” serves as a reminder that self-acceptance is a journey worth embarking on, and that true beauty lies in embracing one’s unique qualities.

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Sarah Saturday

Gardening, Not Architecture, or G,NA, is the brainchild of interdisciplinary artist Sarah Saturday, and what began as a series of cassette tape demos during a frigid Wisconsin winter in 2003 evolved into a project that was never meant to see the light of day. Following the dissolution of her punk band in 2005, Saturday revisited those demos, breathing new life into them and releasing a four-song EP in 2007 under the moniker Gardening, Not Architecture.

Influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Postal Service, The Cure, and Sia to name a few, the artist is debuting her latest project, Voyage: A Live Visual Album, August 3rd-5th at the Darkhorse Theatre in Nashville. An accompanying soundtrack album, Voyage, will drop August 4th.

The artist performed the nearly-finished full performance piece to private audiences, receiving overwhelmingly positive responses that prompted her to embark on a special preview tour in April 2023.

“Like You” is yet another enticing installment for Gardening, Not Architecture, further establishing her credentials as a unique multi-faceted artist doing things few others are.

Tickets for the release shows at Darkhorse Theatre can be found here.

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