Premiere: Ethereal Pop Songstress Caylie Staples Displays Celestial Inspirations In Music Video For New Single ‘Borderline’

If there’s anything the world needs to know about Caylie Staples, it’s that she specializes in all things avant-garde pop.

Vocalist of both interstellar electronic rock group Anthems of the Void and lush, dream noise duo Glass Salt, Staples’ solo career is layered with passion for performance and metaphor.

Based in Toronto, Staples has a B.F.A. Honors in Music from the prestigious York University, and has studied intensively with NYC-based vocalist Shelley Hirsch. Her resume doesn’t end there, of course. She has contributed as a singer, songwriter, and/or producer on various recordings from 2005-present, including co-writing tracks on Morgan Doctor’s 2020 album, Strangers.

Now, she returns to her solo work with the electro-celestial single, “Borderline” (Nov 10).

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The track’s music video has imagery that parallels the song’s lyrical content, referencing nature and the cosmos. Staples partnered with cinematographer Olya Glotka to create a mesmerizing, extraterrestrial piece of visual media.

The video features Staples overlaid on imagery of the natural world such as plants, animals, and outer space. The whole sight is quite impressive, fully immersing you into the world of the song. There’s something of a deeply spiritual and out-of-body feel to the song itself with its unique soundscapes paired with Staples’ meditative vocal delivery, and the video enhances all of this to create a vivid sensory experience.

The York grad puts her talents, both vocal and production-related, on display with “Borderline” and its accompanying video. If you’re a fan of the whimsical and experimental, then Caylie Staples is one to keep your eye on.

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