PREMIERE: Dark Synth-Pop Songstress Pauline Andres Gets Cosmic On New Video Single ‘Strawberry SuperMoon’

As Nashville’s darkest darlin’ and Euro-pop producer, Pauline Andrés has readied us for the autumn season with her new single, “Strawberry Supermoon,” which she has paired with a David Lynchian cosmic music video. The video single officially dropped today, October 7th.

Andrés has recently switched her musical focus to electro-pop and synth-wave, paying respects to her Eastern European roots through her euro-inspired beats paired with lyricism about her American life experiences. Prior to her sonic shift in more recent releases, Andrés was known for her old-soul lyricism and smokey voice. She has now found a middle ground between her southern gothic style and her love for electric pop synths and melodies.

“Strawberry SuperMoon” acts as an “ode to manifestation,” as Andrés sings about cosmic love and faith in the future.

Inspired by an actual supermoon that occurred just this past June, the tune is full of spiritual elements where Andrés intertwines her ethereal lyricism with semi-melancholic synth rhythms. The mellow industrial synth groove is paired with mystical pads that give an other-worldly feel as Andrés honors the power of the supermoon. 

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The video features Andrés herself alongside her beloved dog and her romantic counterpart- an unknown alien being. Shot in mystical pink lighting, the pair share dances under the strawberry supermoon and indulge in strawberries galore as a celebration of the cosmic event. The song combined with the video gives the audience the feeling of being bathed in the power and light of this manifesting moon, and the strange cosmic wonders it entails. 

The dynamic songstress offers a unique sound that’s certainly not often heard in Nashville, and delights with her creative visuals and lyrical ideations. “Strawberry SuperMoon” is just what the doctor ordered for this spooky season.

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