PREMIERE: Charlie Mars’ Live Performance Video Of New Single ‘Country Home’ At Nashville’s Sound Emporium

Growing through the years and the many layers of ourselves is a dynamic if not uncertain process.

Many of us spend the early parts of our lives as curious explorers seeking answers to the ever-changing questions we have, and we yearn to see the world and experience all that it has to offer. However, as we grow older, we often find ourselves longing for familiarity, comfort, and contentment above anything else. 

This was precisely the case for Mississippi-born songwriter Charlie Mars.

After traveling the world chasing adventure and excitement, he found that “life feels more honest” going back to his roots in Mississippi and living a peaceful, quiet life. He delves into the feeling of returning to nature and calmness in his charming new single and live performance video, aptly titled “Country Home.”

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The track, released via Foxgate Records and produced and mixed by Billy Harvey and Tchad Blake, opens immediately with a rootsy percussive groove under a melodic harmonica rhythm, not unlike something you’d hear on a Neil Young track. A tactful electric guitar riff cuts in, and it’s off to the races.

Charlie Mars // Photo by David McClister

Through lyrics such as, “Like my Papaw on the tractor / Me bouncin’ on his knee / Making my way to the country store / To find a little something sweet,” Mars beautifully conveys the feeling of returning to a place packed with familiarity, nostalgia, and peace. After leaving Mississippi and spending years living in places like Texas, New York, and Sweden, Mars knew he was ready to come home and find happiness in the quiet moments.

Similarly, the video for the single features Mars strolling down his long, dirt driveway and singing along blissfully to the song. The visuals align perfectly with the feeling of the song, and the simplicity of it makes the message all the more powerful. 

And today, to continue the buildup for the track, he’s released a live performance video at Nashville’s Sound Emporium studio. With a full band including backing female vocals, the song is taken to new heights, further exemplifying that down-home feel.

Mars has endured a spanning music career through seven full-length album releases, and he has performed with legendary groups like REM, The Chicks, and Steve Earle to name a few. With the release of “Country Home,” Mars has said, “While I have the chance, I figure I should represent the people and the culture that shaped me.”

“Country Home” is from Mars’ upcoming album, Times Have Changed, which is set to drop on October 6th.

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