Premiere: Americana Soul Songwriter Ashley Heath Pleads On New Single ‘Something To Believe’

Rootsy soul songwriter Ashley Heath, hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, gave up the barista apron in 2015 for the benefit of us all. Her voice, often described as ”velvet soul,” is on full display on her powerful new single, “Something to Believe,” which hits streaming services tomorrow July 8th.

The song is the title track from her upcoming EP, and is a blues-rock performance built to groove and deliver a timely message. Heath’s smoky yet soulful voice is the perfect compliment to the blues-inspired instrumentation, and her lyrics add a feeling of angst to the track.

“Let me in or let me out / Give me answers show me somehow / Are we gonna end this or work it out / Give me, give me, something to believe,” she sings with conviction in the chorus. Lines like these create a sense of relatability to the listener, as we’re all living in uncertain times.

The track’s resonating instrumental is masterfully executed by her backing band, rightfully named The Heathens, and is the cherry-on-top to her astounding voice.

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Like many songs the past few years, the song came to fruition during the pandemic, and reflects the universal fear and emotions that the world felt and still feels. “’Something to Believe’ was written about these angsty yet melancholy feelings that came up by trying to make sense of it all,” said Heath. “At certain points, I was thinking, give me any sign that I can continue doing this thing that I love and have put my heart into for years.”

Heath, influenced by and musically reminiscent of artists like Bonnie Raitt, Grace Potter, and Susan Tedeschi, has been touring throughout the country as well as Europe showcasing her unique brand of soul that captivates its audiences. Since leaving the day job behind, Heath has worked diligently to follow her dream and utilize her natural gift of singing to tell the stories she feels she needs to tell.

“What I’ve learned throughout this process is that the hard times are in fact not over, and most likely will keep coming, but my community has always supported me throughout my career,” she says.

“Something to Believe” is a timely and resonating soul anthem we all could use.

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