Pop Singer Songwriter Claire Ridgely And Her Newest Single, ‘Gunshot’

Who: Claire Ridgely

What: Claire Ridgely is a Montreal-based artist originally hailing from
Northern Virginia. Claire has worked as a featured artist for many years for
the likes of Said the Sky, Robotaki and Pat Lok. Claire took the stage at
Osheaga 2019 with Robotaki to perform their song “Ghostboy”. She has
turned her energy towards her solo career, and has released four singles in the
past year: “Days Under the Sun”, “California”, “‘Til the Morning”, and “Gunshot”,
which have been enthusiastically received by Billboard and Spotify. Claire is
excited to continue to bring her indie pop sound to larger audiences.

Where: I’m currently based in Montreal, Canada. I was born in Seattle,

When: “Gunshot,” produced by Pops & Poolboy, was released on August
30th, 2019. The live version of the tune came out on September 23rd and
was filmed by Further, a Montreal creative group.

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About The Release: I was so excited about this release in particular because
for the first time, the song and music video came out simultaneously. The
music video, directed by Xavier MC, was such a joy to film and I’m glad it’s
out there for the world to see.

What’s Next: I’ll be releasing a new single mid-November!

My Three Records on a Desert Island: “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, “Ex-
Factor” by Lauryn Hill and “Steal My Sunshine” by Len

If I Could Open For Anybody, It’d Be: Lolo Zouaï

Musical Pet Peeve: I guess I’d say when the soundcheck is way earlier than
the show which leaves you with that little chunk of awkward idle time.

First Thing I’ll Do When I Hit The Big Time: Do a little dance. Make a
little love. Get down tonight.

Favorite Thing About Montreal: I’d say my favourite thing about
Montreal is how friendly I’ve experienced the music scene to be. We’re all a
part of the community. Maybe it’s the cold winters that keep us humble. There’s something about folding in and creating music when it’s the dead of
winter outside.

Closing Words: I’m excited to keep it moving, to play more shows and enjoy the ride.

For more on Claire and her music, check out her Facebook page HERE.

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