Pop Rock Singer-Songwriter Summer Belt Releases Sultry & Suspenseful Music Video For Her New Single ‘Red Wine And Cyanide’

Combining classic rock with a modern alternative twist, Summer Belt will get your speakers vibrating with electric explosions of energy. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter not only performs in Music City, but also in NYC and Spain, and has a reputation for getting the crowd’s adrenaline pumping. 

As Belt grew up in Indiana, she began studying classical piano at the age of three, and at twelve began experimenting with songwriting. Her debut EP, Save the World, was recorded at just fourteen, and soon after she was performing at venues locally. Continuing to work on a range of projects, she earned awards such as winning the Berklee Songwriters Showcase and Battle Of The Bands.

June 2018 then saw the release of “My Name Is Disaster”, a bold and eerie rock ‘n’ roll track that rings through your speakers. Along with the progressive hard-hitting full-band instrumentals, her effortless vocals mesmerize listeners as she sings, “You’re not the only one with a dark side, oh I can be just as cold/You should know not to provoke me, don’t know what’s comin’ when the thunder rolls”.

Stripping it down to just her and an acoustic guitar, Belt’s cover of “Hotel California” by The Eagles shows the contrast between the two singles, portraying a more laid-back version of her sound. The mysterious and lyrically complex storytelling fits her style, with her appreciation for a diverse collection of rock-inspired tunes. 

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Continuing in the theme of trouble, her new single “Red Wine and Cyanide” is highly dynamic with an intense plot of mischief. Working with producers Zak Jablow and Brain Candy Management, the song is full of elegant thrills and romantic tragedy. The electric guitar builds as the bridge sings, “Well you’ll make a mistake in a matter of time, what comes around goes around too/And you know in the end she will pay for her crimes, oh villains you know always do”. 

She said about creating the song, “Writing ‘Red Wine’ was a lovely experience. It’s the greatest feeling in the world when you sit down with the guitar and the melody just comes to you instantly. I had written this groovy guitar riff that I loved, and I knew I needed to find a melody to match that level. As soon as I started singing, the main hook just hit me like a truck. Fantastic day.”

The accompanying music video tells the story in motion, with Belt as the charming and malevolent leading lady, out on the hunt to kill her partner. The plot eerily set to the lyrics captures your attention, wanting to know what happens next. In regards to the making of the song and music video, she says, “As an artist, I consider myself a storyteller and I like to write songs around very strong themes. This particular song was about a very dramatic and evil character I had created and so I wanted to make a music video, which I refer to as a mini movie, that truly brings this character and song to life.”

She went on to say, “I took my inspiration for this video from 1950’s Marilyn Monroe era murder/mystery films, which I have always been a huge fan of. It was an opportunity to really dive in with characters and costumes and create a world. I watched a lot of Marilyn and Humphrey Bogart movies while developing the ideas.”

Not stopping there, Belt is pushing forward to stretch her creativity by putting herself in new and exciting experiences in order to write more of her own music.

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