Pinebarren Impresses With Colorful Indie Pop Charm On New Single ‘What You Gave’

Vancouver-based indie pop rockers Pinebarren continue to pump out the goods in 2023.

After releasing a full album this winter with Past Time, the band has yet to pump the brakes, as they just dropped their new single, “What You Gave,” July 7th. With an explosion of sound, the song delves into the depths of human emotions, weaving a captivating narrative that resonates with listeners.

At its core, “What You Gave” is a forthright musical journey that takes the audience on a compelling exploration of love, loss, and the profound impact that our connections with others leave upon our lives. With their distinctive sound that fuses indie and alternative pop-rock, Pinebarren crafts a unique and colorful atmosphere, creating a sonic experience that envelopes the senses.

Formed in 2019 by friends Michael Ferraro, Allard van der Knijff, Adam Terris, and Jinmo Kim, Pinebarren embarked on an artistic journey that persevered through the trials of the pandemic. Their dedication gave way to the springtime arrival of their debut single, “Without the Weather,” unveiling the first chapter to the band’s story.

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Since then, the band has been plenty active, with their self-produced debut album, Past Time, releasing March 4th.

“What You Gave”

Crafted in Vancouver’s Monarch Studios and produced by Michael Ferraro, the album serves as a testament to Pinebarren’s musical finesse, interweaving poignant lyrics with sticky, buoyant melodies. Among its tracks are the singles “Without the Weather,” “We All Become Tall Trees,” and “Appeal,” which have captured the hearts of many a fan.

This album is a welcomed introduction to the young band, as they delve into the intricate realm of human emotions through an array of sound and space. It turns its gaze inward, offering introspective contemplations on the trials and triumphs of pursuing a creative life as a career. 

With their diverse cultural backgrounds, unwavering camaraderie, and a profound commitment to their craft, Pinebarren has etched a mark within the new age indie pop-rock landscape. As they forge ahead, their fusion of flavors promises an exhilarating sonic voyage ahead, inviting all who listen to partake in an exciting musical experience, as demonstrated by their latest single “What You Gave.”

The band has a slew of upcoming shows in their home province of British Columbia with a few in Alberta, and dates/tickets can be found on their website here.

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