Norwegian Indie All-Stars Orions Belte Deliver Vintage Psychedelia On New Single ‘Silhouettes’

Creating discord from order, Norwegian indie pop trio, Orions Belte, establish a kaleidoscope of sound using a flurry of melodic instrumentation in their latest single, “Silhouettes.” 

“Silhouettes” blends contemporary indie pop with philharmonic-like elements sweeping through the harmonic and discordant intricacies of both genres. This unique approach to nonconformity is what makes the Scandinavian group standout in the European alt scene and beyond.

Tailoring their musical style with a patchwork of influences, bandmates Øyvind Blomstrøm, Kim Åge Furuhaug, and Chris Holm expertly intertwine the styles of many into something completely their own.

This fresh take on genre-melding is prominently displayed in “Silhouettes.” Closing in on five minutes, the song pulls the listener from dream states to nightmares, moving from fluttering symphonies to sinister sounds. The single’s charm lies in its unpredictability.

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“Silhouettes” transcends traditional song form creating an inverted soundscape, abducting the listener to an alternate plane where shadows and dark shapes reside, but doing so in an uptempo psych-fueled way.

The Oslo-based group has obtained international attention and amassed a solid monthly listener base, with substantial success stemming from the group’s song “Joe Frazier,” which has surpassed five million streams on Spotify. Like the band’s name sake, Orions Belte works with a strong constellation of styles, dynamics, and compositions, hence their popularity. 

The three bandmates met in Bergen, located along the west coast of Norway, to start working on ideas and demos. Instead, within just a few days, they ended up recording their entire first album, Mint. From there, the universe propelled them forward, resulting in a record deal, their live debut as a band at Norway’s biggest pop festival Øyafestivalen, and the release of their debut record all happening within the following year.

Driven by mesmerizing musicality and accompanied by fogged gray scale vocals, this new single dances around the familiarity of a figure and all the shapes it may take.

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