A Look At North Carolina Music Award Nominee Rae Chriss & Her New Singles

With a voice like Alanis Morissette and an electric indie-rock musical style, it’s no wonder that artist Rae Chriss was nominated for Female Rock Artist of the Year for the North Carolina Music Awards.

Through this competition, hundreds of winning artists have garnered thousands of votes as well as an increased and supportive audience. Fifteen years into their effort to raise awareness for artists of the Carolinas, the Carolina Music Awards are passionate about increasing the music community in their region. Chriss’s expressive vocals and lyrical prowess certainly paves the way for other indie rockers like herself in her area and beyond.

In addition to her nomination, Chriss has also been busy with the release of a few singles including, “Robots Don’t Get High,” which dropped earlier this year. The track starts off in gentle acoustics, but soon builds up into a more garage rock groove with poetic lyrics and a strong vocal tone.

Chriss’s lyrics convey kaleidoscopic imagery and her sultry sound adds a raw element to the feel of the song. Her melodic descent in the chorus line, “But you said robots they don’t get high,” emphasizes the deep emotion that carries the song.

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Chriss is also in the process of recording and releasing her first album, a culmination of decades of writing that is scheduled to drop a few months from now. In March, she dropped her latest single, “Skin”, which simmers with syrupy strings, acoustic guitar, and emotional lyrics about anger and confusion. From this upcoming album, we can expect ten new songs that display her rich voice, vulnerable lyrics, and magnetizing musical mood. 

Be sure to give a listen and support Chriss with a vote for the 2022 North Carolina Music Awards.

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