Nicole Boggs & The Reel Release Badass Retro Music Video For Their Latest Single ‘None of Your Business’ With EP To Come

There’s something timeless about a woman, raven-haired and red-lipped, donning heart shaped sunglasses that brings me back to the perfect summer vacation. 

Nicole Boggs & the Reel have been busy this year despite everything, and are back with their latest hit off their highly anticipated EP, None of Your Business, with a music video sharing the same title.

Before joining the ranks of the Black Lives Matter movement, the group added a new meaning to DIY when they produced the music video in the socially distant comforts of their home, right here in Nashville. “None of Your Business” hit streaming services earlier this month, and now for both your listening and viewing pleasure, their vintage throwback music video has officially dropped today. Last time we had talked with them, they released the second song off the new EP, titled “I’m Gonna Break Your Heart,” again with an accompanying (and badass) music video.

The group consists of frontwoman singer-songwriter Nicole Boggs (The Four on Fox), guitarists/songwriters Alex Kramer (Jason Derulo) and Sam Gyllenhaal, and bassist Loren D. Clark (Keb Mo, Gone West). In lieu of live shows, Boggs & her bandmates are excited to be releasing the music video and reclaiming their humor and happiness from the safety of their green screen, homemade shenanigans.   

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Although the 60s and 70s were well before my time (and theirs if I had to guess), I get major Janis Joplin meets the “Mama Cass” Elliot vibes from the video. The video starts off with shots of a classic Chevy Corvair cruising along an open road akin to the crew’s free-spirited lyrics. It features a blast from the past, paying homage to 70s icons (hats off to Captain & Tennille, literally), but the references don’t stop there. Drawing inspiration from their previous music video based off That 70s Show, burnt-orange and pink floral patterns animate across the screen. 

To top things off, psychedelic clips of the free love and anti-authoritarianism movement are sprinkled in, driving home the group’s underlying message. Rather than focusing on her sadness and confusion caused by, “a guy that I think we all were a little tired of writing about,” according to Boggs, the group wanted to write something more visceral and dignified. The group collaborated with their friends at Duende Vision, who took over the editing, and co-wrote the song with Kelley Ann Hocter. Duende Vision had Nicole and The Reel members shoot the video at half speed, which totally plays up the manic emotions felt by anyone who’s ever loved and lost. 

And fans of Saturday Night Live or Mike Myers/Dana Carvey will appreciate the Wayne’s World wardrobe reference within particular clips of the video. One of my personal favorites of the fast-motion video are the Mad Men-esque advertisements chock full of over the top propaganda. 

The band does not disappoint with their raw and relentless energy, taking their spin and flipping the bird at a generally male-dominated industry, and taking pride in the freedom that comes along with ridding one’s self from a toxic ex.

Be sure to keep an eye and an ear open for their full EP dropping on July 3rd.

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