New Release Roundup: Odario, Kalila Badali, & Clare Siobhan


For fans of Chance The Rapper, De La Soul, KAYTRAMINÉ

“Do Nada” (Chaix Remix)

Amidst a world positioning back to life post-pandemic, Odario continues to push his creative boundaries, embarking on a unique collaboration with Edmonton’s jazz sensation, Good Information. Their joint creation and new single, “Do Nada,” delves into the art of simply being — or doing nothing — offering solace to all the dreamers and souls yearning for a simpler, more uncomplicated existence.

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As society races towards relentless achievement, Odario crafts an anthem dedicated to the cherished underachievers, urging everyone to pause and contemplate amidst the whirlwind of modern life. The Chaix remix of the track adds to its allure with a vibrant infusion of summertime vibes and infectious dance-worthy elements, creating an irresistible dancefloor sensation.

“Do Nada”

Kalila Badali

For fans of Aldous Harding, Jessica Pratt, Sharon Van Etten


Kalila Badali, an alternative folk-pop artist and registered psychotherapist from Toronto, Canada, beckons her listeners into a realm that’s both ethereal and groovy. Her unique blend of intricate guitar picking and vocal loops serves as a gateway to exploring the interconnected themes of mental illness, ecology, and feminism.

Her new single, “Potato,” delves into the complexities of mortality, grappling with the emotions and uncertainties surrounding the impending loss of loved ones. It poignantly portrays the desire to shield oneself from the pain that accompanies facing the inevitable.

Her new EP, Panacea, produced by James Atin-Godden, features “Potato,” along with four other enchanting tracks including “Dotty Mae” and “No Eye Contact.” The EP was born with Badali’s aim to capture the essence of being stuck in life’s quagmire, uncertain of how to alter circumstances, and overwhelmed by the myriad options that claim to offer solutions.


Clare Siobhan

For fans of Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, dodie

3/2 (Loves Me)

Canadian-based singer-songwriter Clare Siobhan’s music offers a beautiful tapestry of layered harmonies, accompanied by the uplifting notes of piano and ukulele, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Through her vocals, she delves into themes of connection, relationships, anxiety, and the timeless quest for purpose and belonging in our journey of growth.

Her latest single, “3/2 (Loves Me),” emerged from a tale of inspiration. Encouraged by a poet friend involved in a prompt-based creative exercise centered around the word “misfit,” she embarked on crafting a song.

Rather than following the conventional path, Siobhan embraced her personal experiences, writing about the exhilaration and trepidation of falling in love, making her new track an emotive and heartfelt piece of art.

“3/2 (Loves Me)”

Featured photo: Odario

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