New Release Roundup: Kasador, Feathership, Dear-God, & Nyne


Roots Rock

“Younger Days”

Cameron Wyatt (vocals/guitar), Boris Baker (bass), and Stephen Adubofuor (drums) are the masterminds behind the Ontario-based band, Kasador. Embracers of change, the three friends have woven years of tumult through their mid-late twenties into something powerful and real: a tight-knit, sincere, and caring rock and roll band. Their upcoming album, Youth (out June 2nd), explores memory and relationships as they transform over time. 

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Their latest single, “Younger Days,” features ghostly harmonies blended with dreamy organ accompaniment. This tender, nostalgic ballad is the closing track off of their upcoming album.

“Younger Days”



“Dream Aloud”

Beginning as a six-piece indie-rock band, Feathership has since experienced a metamorphosis. Though now a more personal project, Jean-Philippe Sauvé’s songsmithing ability continues to make a mark on the Canadian indie scene. 

In collaboration with Christian Sean (Hippie Hourrah, Sofia Bel), their new EP, Peace Talks, fuses some of the best from the Montreal music scene: Guido del Fabbro (collaborator for Pierre Lapointe), Laurence-Anne (member of La Sécurité and prominent Quebec artist in her own right), Jason Bajada and Mat Vezio among others. Sticky melodies, cinematographic moods, and distinctive soundscapes are at the heart of the album. 

The solemn yet whimsical track, “Dream Aloud,” inspires facing challenges head-on with optimism. Clips from mid-century USSR animated movies add to the visual narrative depicting a “modern folk-utopian tale.” 

“Dream Aloud”


Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop

“Good Person”

Since 2019, 22-year-old Robert Ortiz has channeled his musical talent into the project, DEAR-GOD, a unique blend of punk, hardcore industrial sounds, and rap cadences. With over 2 million Spotify streams and features in NME, CBC, The Fadar, Clash Magazine, and several others, the artist’s captivating sound continues to reach new heights. 

His debut LP, The Punchline, delves into Ortiz’s own personal difficulties intermixed with commentary on society. The vengeful track, “Good Person,” is a reflection of Ortiz’s upbringing and his belief that harmful actions deserve due penance. Ortiz coins the album “an accumulation of all the energy and bullshit I’ve endured over the past few years.” 

“Good Person”



“Kill or Be Killed”

Zimbabwe-born and California-bred rapper Nyne first discovered himself as an artist in his close friend and producer’s basement studio. While rapping and songwriting began as a hobby, Nyne was encouraged by his close family and friends to pursue music as a full-time career. 

Now based in Ontario, the artist is known for incorporating authentically raw emotion into his work. With remarkable vocal control and thought-provoking lyrics, Nyne’s music tells compelling tales of passion, painful memories, and harsh realities he’s overcome in his life. His latest single, “Kill or Be Killed,” was inspired by feelings of lingering anxiety and his determination to move beyond it. Instead of letting regret and anxiety paralyze him, he uses it as motivation to continue pursuing his own plan. 

“Kill or Be Killed”

Featured photo: Kasador

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