New Release Roundup: Duke And Goldie, The Lightning Struck, & Crazy Arm

Duke and Goldie 


“See You There”

For Vancouver-based duo Duke and Goldie, musical inspiration comes in many forms. After a successful stint as members of Blue Sky Miners, Eric “The Duke” Duquette and Jena “Goldie” Gogo felt their music calling them elsewhere. Leaving behind the bustling city life of Toronto in 2020, the pair headed for a small island in the Pacific Northwest. Finding community, reflection, and connection with nature amidst the Protection Island settlement, Duke and Goldie’s music began its transformation.

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Their self-titled EP dropped May 12, including the hit track, “See You There.” Written in contribution to a fundraiser for a women’s shelter, the song explores the power of human connection in the midst of adversity. With Goldie’s tender, heartfelt vocals at the forefront, the message is clear: “It’s okay, we all fall / I wanna pick you up.”

“See You There”

The Lightning Struck

Mellow Rock n’ Roll

“Rock ‘n Roll Ending”

Long-time Velvet Underground fan Loren Davie moved to New York City in 2000 in pursuit of his own musical career. Twenty years later, a return to Toronto brought The Big Apple’s music scene home with him. Joined by old friends Michael Milanetti (guitar, backup vocals), Blitz (bass), and Liam Baidon (drums), The Lightning Struck was born. Davie himself plays guitar and serves as lead vocalist of the group. 

The Toronto-based indie rock n’ rollers will transport you to New York’s Lower East Side, sometime between ‘69 and ‘91. Their first album, bolt from the blue, establishes their sound as a combination of noise and groove. Unafraid to tackle the hard topics, the album digs deep into the anxiety and difficulty that comes with our current world situation. 

The track, “Rock ‘n Roll Ending,” is a pointed interpretation of the frantic times we’re living in, exacerbated by the remnants of the pandemic. Davie analyzes the increasingly popular term “burnout,” rejecting its nature of systematic exploitation and productivity culture. Though just under a year old, the band already has more plans in the works for later this year. 

“Rock ‘n Roll Ending”

Crazy Arm

Punk/Hard Rock

“Floating Bones”

Established in 2005, Devon lefty roots-punk band, Crazy Arm, is home to a group of musicians who took a gamble, compiled their potential, and came up with something great. An original amalgam of ‘60s protest songs, post/hardcore, and heartland rock n’ roll combined with a grassroots anti-fascist slant, the group has developed a devout fanbase with their strong values. 

Each of their four albums has reflected a unique side of the band’s craft, including a stripped-down acoustic folk and bluegrass endeavor titled The Southern Wild. Dark Hands, Thunderbolts, released in 2021, showcases Crazy Arm’s knack for rowdy guitar and Americana flair. 

Their latest single, “Floating Bones,” released on May 12th, was originally recorded with Dark Hands, Thunderbolts. But the track underwent some tweaking, and is now ready for its debut. Aptly timed with the ten-year anniversary of Margaret Thatcher’s death, the single is a commentary against neoliberalism, Tory policies, and the Illegal Migration Bill. True to the band’s relentless nature, “Floating Bones” delivers a wonderfully wild and textured blend of punk, rock, and hardcore sensibilities. 

“Floating Bones”

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