New Release Roundup: Cooper Bloom, Matt Fasullo, & Jetsetforevr

Cooper Bloom


“Be Alright”

Canadian singer-songwriter and performer Cooper Bloom has one goal: inspire people to be true to themselves. The country pop artist has been drawn to music since the age of two, eventually shifting his focus from competitive dance to crafting mesmerizing pop melodies with a Western influence. 

His latest single, “Be Alright,” celebrates the tender moments when love prevails. For Bloom, this came from an experience where he and his boyfriend were met with hateful homophobic slurs from strangers. Rather than feel defeated, Bloom met this encounter with determination to celebrate his love further. To hateful strangers and loving fans alike, Bloom remains confident in his voice, himself, and in everyone’s ability to follow their dreams. 

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“Be Alright”

Matt Fasullo

Indie Alt-Noir

“Video99” (ft. Janel Rae)

Fans of Bon Iver and John Mayer may find themselves entranced by the experimental sound of Ontario-based indie artist Matt Fasullo. Both a visual and sound artist, Fasullo’s main intention has always been to create. His sound splices together the warmth and rawness of folk music with the digital sounds of alternative electronica. 

His latest single is a solid example of his forward-thinking when it comes to sound design. “Video 99,” which features Toronto songwriter Janel Rae, is a mix of bluesy-rock grooves and R&B. At its core, it’s an ode to a video store in Stouffville, Ontario, where Fasullo used to rent movies and games. His music has always served as a diary of sorts, and this track captures his personal memories of that dull beige 90s carpeted store, and the nostalgia of friendship in a pre-digital age. 




“Stars” (ft. Flowerboy)

When listening to Toronto-based artist jetsetforevr, you might not expect that his early musical influences were that of Billy Joel and Michael Jackson. Over the years, as he traveled down the pop-punk pipeline, jetsetforevr has developed a knack for infectious melodies and dynamic songwriting. Though his taste is all-encompassing, his sound is authentically his own. 

His latest track, “Stars” (feat. Flowerboy), is about that moment of realization when all the stars begin to align. It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re in the throes of working towards goals, or to reap the fruits of your labor in relationships, but there will always come a moment of clarity. “Stars” captures that moment and serves as a reminder that you’re never as far off as you may feel. The artist plans to stay consistent in 2023, releasing several EPs that display the full range of his songwriting abilities.


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