Chilean Pop Singer-Songwriter Catalina Releases Powerful New Single ‘Control’

Pop singer-songwriter Catalina discovered her innate talent at the early age of five when she picked up a guitar and started singing. The native of Santiago, Chile, began writing her own music when she was only twelve-years-old, drawing inspiration from Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and many other vocal legends. As an adult, her influences shifted a bit towards artists such as Adele, Lady Gaga, HAIM, Manchester Orchestra, and Latin artists like Natalia Lafourcade, Carla Morisson, and fellow Chilean, Mon Laferte. 

Catalina’s alternative-pop and R&B brims with Latin flare, and her unique sound has evolved from her upbringing and adopted home of Nashville. She’s been known to bare her soul on stage in live performances, with a fire and passion that’s sure to captivate. She’s said to bring “playful eye contact, evocative emotions, and ferocious dance moves to the stage”, which we would all be thrilled to witness at this point. 

One reviewer had this to say about Catalina’s live performance: “Taking a good look around the room in the middle of her set we saw something rare; there were no phones out. Instead all eyes were on her, taking in the power of her voice.”

In 2019, Catalina released her album Multifacética. The song, “Multifacética,” that is featured on the album, is an upbeat Spanish song that demonstrates her incredible voice, but also plays with traditional Latin sounds that her and her team mixed seamlessly with endearing themes heard in pop music. Both the song and the album demonstrate the Latina singer’s various layers which make for a powerful, full sound. 

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Catalina’s dynamic new Spanish-singing single, “Control”, is dedicated to her mother. In a letter she posted on her Instagram, she thanked her mother for teaching her to be resilient in order to face the ups and downs of life with open arms. The exact quote goes as follows: “La mujer que… me enseño a ser audaz y resiliente. Porque en esta vida siempre tendremos altos y bajos, y la mejor manera de aceptarlos es con los brazos bien abiertos.”

Control” opens with a prominently plucked guitar that eventually gives way to the occasional crash from the drums with a second guitar that has been dramatically mixed to create the opening to a very compelling and strong song. Catalina’s voice soon creeps in, and begins telling a story of someone who has lost control and has become numb to their wounds, but is still in pain.

The singing glides gorgeously over the instruments, and once the harmony between the voices occurs, one can expect chills. With a crescendo from the vocalist and a crashing of cymbals, the chorus begins. Her voice is the definition of sonorous in this part of the song, and makes you wonder just how captivating her voice must be in person. Featured on the single is Justin Costello and Jon Galvin on guitar, Megan Clarke on drums, Evan Pitonzo on bass, and Julia Meredith on the saxophone that I had no idea I needed. It was mixed and engineered by J. Hall.

“Control” is yet another impactful track from Catalina, and is perfect for anyone who needs to find resilience after this past year. 

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